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Captain Rangelu

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Captain Rangelu
Captain Rangelu.gif
Armor type
Portrait of Captain Rangelu

Captain Rangelu is the boss of the Kartels.

Move List

  • Barrier Shift: Shifts between Red Barrier and Yellow Barrier.
    • Red Barrier: Absorbs all damage done to Rangelu and reflects it back at the player.
    • Yellow Barrier: Absorbs some damage but will not hurt the player.
  • Runs towards and stabs a target with his knife gloves and inflicting a high level Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status).
  • Fires his back bazooka to do AoE damage.
  • Fire his hand-mounted bowgun bolts to inflict heavy Immobility (hitstun).
  • Summon World's Strongest Landrunner: Constantly summons World's Strongest Landrunners which do extreme damage just like those summoned by Gershen Grigun.
  • Altered G-3 Raptor.png G-3 Raptor: Rangelu utilizes an altered G-3 Raptor.png G-3 Raptor that fires from above constantly.


  • He will constantly Barrier Shift without warning so be extremely careful when using any damage over time skills or skills with long animations.
  • Rangelus moves very fast so stationary classes must take caution to this and prepare anti-bleed and anti-status potions.
  • Altered G-3 Raptor.png G-3 Raptor fire rather slowly, making it easy to avoid them simply by running.
  • The 6 cannons in the background will usually fire rockets to go along with both Summon World's Strongest Landrunner and Altered G-3 Raptor.png G-3 Raptor.
  • The key to this fight is to keep on moving to dodge all the AoE and Rangelu himself.