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Castle Nebulous

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Content is outdated.

Castle Nebulous
Castle Nebulous.png
Location Interdimensional Rift
Min. Level 70
Level 70-86
Monster Level 70-80
End Boss Captain Petrilisk


Castle nebulous.png

When Sky Tower was still under the command of the Dragon King Bakal, it was known to the humans below as Castle Nebulous, mainly because it was so far away that it looked like a shimmering heat wave in the sky. The distortion of space and time caused by the Interdimensional Rift has made it possible to enter Sky Tower as it stood 500 years ago. Castle Nebulous is once again swarming with strange, powerful monsters that have survived since ancient times, patiently waiting for another taste of fresh meat. Deep within the castle lie untold horrors and a wealth of power, waiting to be harnessed.


  • Otherverse Dungeon
  • Only 8 Tokens can be used per run.
  • Must have a Party of 2 people to enter on Medium or Higher.
  • This dungeon can only be run 2 times a day. This resets the next day.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Fatigue Points: 6


This particular Otherverse dungeon tests Party coordination and restraint, as most enemies here can not be defeated very easily. Many enemies here also react violently to Clear Cube Fragment Skills, and the dungeon itself is full of gimmicks that can wipe the Party very quickly if the rooms are dealt with incorrectly.

Recommend Items

  • Expert Stone Recovery Potion
  • Expert Brainwash Recovery Potion
  • Expert Burn Recovery Potion

Room 1


  • Kamenai
  • Kaumen

Kamenai and his minions are invulnerable to begin with. Kamenai will spear targets in front of him causing his minions to become vulnerable and at that time they will all flock to attack the speared target or targets. After some time, Kamenai will release the speared target fulling healing the target leaving a curse debuff on the target. Any targets speared while under the curse effect will be killed instantly. Kamenai will only take damage when all his minions are killed after which is will spawn more if he still has remaining health.

  • Summoned units can be hit by the spear to not put any party members in harms way
  • Multiple targets can be speared at once so be careful where you are standing
  • The curse effect can be removed with the Priest skill Cure. Cure level must be at least level 7 to have any effect

Act 7 Part 3

There isn't any special gimmick in this room anymore. Just some enemies to defeat.

Room 2


  • Ancient Puppeteer Turpo (Blue)
  • Ancient Puppeteer Calrun (Orange - Star)
  • Ancient Puppeteer Dragulom (Purple)
  • Ancient Puppeteer Acegraw (Orange - Green Hair)

Things start to get tricky here. The gimmick here that when one Puppeteer is hit with an attack, the other three rapidly regain HP. Thus, each one must be taken out systematically one at a time. The Puppeteers will choose a character at random (usually a squishy one) and target their attacks towards them, leaving the other three Party members to focus on taking out a single Puppeteer. This is best done by getting a Puppeteer on one side of the room while the others are attacking the "Bait".

So what's the recommended order in taking them out and why?

  • Turpo (Blue): Turpo's special ability teleports the entire Party in front of him. Seeing as this can disrupt the general strategy, Turpo has to be the first to die.
  • Acegraw (Orange): Acegraw's special ability is odd...you'll see 2 Fireballs shoot up into the air and apparently do nothing. The thing here is that the fireballs will home in on Players too close (i.e. touching or near) to Acegraw and deal significant damage as well as leaving a very high-level Burn effect. If you stay a good distance away, the fireballs do nothing, making it not much of a threat. Because of its odd targeting though, it needs to die sometime after Turpo. Also has very significant Physical Defense compared to the other Puppeteers.
  • Calrun (Star): Calrun's special ability has it filling up a cast bar and shooting a multitude of stars at a target. Individually, the stars don't do much damage, but since there's so many at once, the damage can stack up heavily if hit by a lot. The easiest way to avoid this is to move away once the casting bar above Calrun's head fill up completely.
  • Dragulom (Purple): Dragulom's special ability has it shooting a pillar of poison similar to ones produced by Venom Mine. Pretty easy to avoid, just watch for Dragulom to move its arms and move up or down.

Some things to note:

  • Avoid using Summons and APCs: They can disrupt your strategy and draw out the fight.
  • The "Bait" tends to be the squishiest member in your party (usually a Mage or F.Gunner).
  • The Puppeteers are immune to most status effects.
  • Keep a good distance between your target and the other Puppeteers. You don't want to set off their healing.
  • The Puppets cannot heal each other under if they are under the effects of Repentance. Hammer of Repentance, Fear of the Slaughterer, and Loyal Servant can apply Repentance to them.

Act 7 Part 3

This room has been replaced with room 3.

Room 3


  • Lizard Soul (Brown)
  • Lizard Soul (Yellow)

This room can be can very annoying. Upon entering the room, you'll see three Yellow Lizard Souls enemies disguise themselves into Brown Lizard Souls. The gimmick here is that you must kill the three Yellow Lizard Souls in order to clear the room. This may prove to be tough since they all look the same, however, the true way to tell them apart is by the Enemy Portrait by its lifebar. Hitting the right enemy will show the Yellow Lizard Soul's picture, and hitting the wrong one will show a Brown Lizard Soul. Making things worse is the fact that a debuff will hit everyone periodically lowering their Defense. This can happen up to 3 times, and each debuff stacks, so time is somewhat of a factor.

The Lizard Souls themselves only have a few attacks.

  • Tailswipe: Swipes its tail in a 360 degree motion. Very close-range attack.
  • Yell: The Lizard Soul yells loudly causing Confusion to Players close enough to it.
  • Fling: The Lizard Soul flings itself towards a Player. Does pretty decent damage.

Some Notes:

  • BEWARE!!! Using a Cube Skill will cause the Lizard Souls to reshuffle themselves amongst the Brown Lizard Souls.
  • BEWARE!!! Killing the wrong Lizard Soul will bring down lightning across the entire room that will instantly kill the Party. Can be avoided or bypassed using invincibility frames, invincibility, and auto-revival.
  • Sometimes the room may glitch after killing the last Lizard Soul and bring down lightning anyways. Ways to avoid this include not hitting other Brown Lizard Souls and killing the last Lizard Soul with normal attacks.
  • After killing a yellow lizard, the remaining yellow lizards will be revealed for a brief period of time.
  • Use weak attacks to determine the true Lizard Souls.
  • Also, pay attention to which lizards are yellow at the beginning. This can give you an advantage as to which ones to go after.
  • The Anti-Cube Skill mechanic does not immediately kick in, it only starts after the lizards disguise themselves. Use this to your advantage.
  • Nen Guard and Healing Wind can block the instant kill, allowing the party to nuke the room with impunity.

One strategy is to use grabs and pull a yellow lizard into a side and use sky tree nuts keep the fake ones back.

Act 7 Part 3

This room has been replaced with the content of room 4.

Room 4


  • Lizard Knight Alecto
  • Lizard Knight Megaira
  • Lizard Knight Tispone
  • BEWARE!!! Using a Cube Skill will cause the Lizard Knights to try and escape damage. You don't want this.
  • BEWARE!!! Using Summons or APCs can cause them to become more aggressive (i.e. spam attacks more). Do this at your own risk.
  • The Lizards cannot use their Anti-Cube mechanic if they are superholded

This room can be particularly nasty if not done correctly. The gimmick for this room is that all 3 Lizard Knights must die within 10 seconds of one dying. Not helping things is the fact that all 3 have very dangerous special abilities, and must be kept in check to prevent them from using them. So what can they do?

  • Alecto (Blue): Spits out powerful energy balls that do very heavy damage. Will usually kill you or do near-fatal damage. Cubing will cause him to use Camouflage.
  • Megaira (Grey): Sucks in with powerful breath to draw in all Players to his position. Sort of like a Black Hole-type attack. Does no damage. Cubing will cause him to escape to the middle of the room.
  • Tispone (Yellow): The most annoying one. Uses "Tears of the Dragon" to rain fireballs in random positions all over the room. Cubing will cause him to leap across the room to one of the sides.

In addition to this, they also have regular attacks. You'll also notice a bar above each of their heads. Unlike other monsters, this is actually their health bar, which makes it easier to time killing them properly. The best method is to wear each Lizard Knight down evenly, so when one dies, you can take out the other two quickly. It may be best to split your forces to keep each Lizard Knight busy so they don't use their special abilities. Tispone in particular has a nasty habit of jumping around all over the place.

  • Note: A lizard knight does not count as dead until it hits the floor. Avoid excessive juggling as this can give dead lizards the time needed to respawn.
  • Tip: Keep someone near the entrance to intercept Tispone when he jumps across the room the first time.

Act 7 Part 3

This room has been replaced with the content of room 5. The three dragons no longer have to be killed within 10 seconds of each other.

Room 5


  • Magneus

This room can be easy if played right. The only enemy here is Magneus, but he's got some tricks up his sleeve.

For the most part, Magneus is very similar to Lakius as far as attacks go. A spear stab, and an electrical stab, which can do tons of damage if hit with it. However, the latter is easily avoidable as he has to charge up for it. But as far as special abilities go, he's got some interesting ones.

  • Mind Control/Brainwash: Magneus can inflict Mind Control (Brainwash) on characters. This causes Players to lose control of their character, and they'll repeat whatever action was being done with inflicted with Mind Control. Use a Brainwash potion or wait for the effect to wear off.
  • Colored Spheres (pre Act 5 part 1): Magneus will invoke a skill and everyone will be covered by these Colored Spheres (Red and Blue). The thing here to buddy up with the character who has the same color sphere as you. Otherwise, you'll take damage repeatedly. Also stay away from opposite colored spheres as this will deal damage to you also. If you're close to the appropriate player, the spheres will shrink and you'll take no damage. In short, Players 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 should stick together.
  • Floor Spheres (Act 5 part 1): Similar to the old colored spheres, the player and APC's will have a circular aura around their feet. If the two auras between players touch both players will take damage. Just stay far enough apart and there won't be any problems.
  • BEWARE!!! Using a Cube Skill will cause Magneus to spawn a clone of himself. These have the same moves as Magneus minus the Colored Spheres.
  • BEWARE!!! Using an APC that uses Cube Skills will also cause Magnues to clone himself.
  • Note: Summons work very well for this room, as they distract Magneus and can't be inflicted with his Mind Control.
  • You have roughly one second upon entering the room to use a cube and not trigger his cloning. Use this to hit him with large area holding skills such as Florae Collider or Ground Quaker to open him up to the rest of the party's cube skills.
  • Magneus cannot clone himself if he is superholded.

Act 7 Part 3

Magneus no longer uses control nor does he had the floor spheres.

Room 5 in the revamped Castle Neboulus features a different enemy called Comodos who uses an Earth Wave attack.

Room 6 (Boss Room)


  • Captain Petrilisk
  • Basilisk

Captain Petrilisk is the boss of Castle Nebulous and isn't that hard if you're cautious about how you attack. When you enter the room, it'll be him along with multiple Basilisks that keep being summoned into the fight. Petrilisk has several abilities.

  • Stone Gaze: The room turns red and Petrilisk starts filling up a cast bar. At the end, a purple eye will appear and cause Stone Curse to anything in his field of vision. Can be avoided by moving behind him. This also causes Petrilisk to sacrifice 1 bar of his HP.
  • Spike Pillar: Petrilisk slams the ground in front of him, causing a Spiked Pillar to rise up and hit characters multiple times. Goes into Super Armor when this move is used. Only used if in melee-range.
  • Summon Statues: Petrilisk will summon 3 stone statues into the room and cover himself with an energy shield. At this point, he'll begin filling up a cast bar, and when it completes, stone gas will cover the floor. This can be averted by breaking the statues or jumping when the cast bar fills up. If the statues aren't destroyed, they become Royal Lizard Guards, more aggressive versions of the Basilisks.
  • Stone Gas: When knocked down, Petrilisk will unleash Stone Gas when he comes back up.
  • Interdimensional Gate: Petrilisk's most dangerous skill. He'll summon an Interdimensional Gate that sucks in Players and everyone will be teleported to the left side of the room and inflicted with a very long lasting stone effect. At this point, somebody must reach the other side of the room and touch him. Complicating matters is the fact that Petrilisk will summon Stone Pillars and Gas to hinder you. Also, stone statues that appear can blow up if touched and send you flying into the air. Best to save your Stone Curse potions for this move since it's very hard to break out of the Stone Curse inflicted by this attack.

When Petrilisk reaches 10% or lower HP, he'll stun everyone and walk slowly while giving a little speech. After this, Petrilisk will slump over and die.

Act 7 Part 3

Captain Petrilisk no longer summons statues that have to be broken. Nor does he keep summoning more enemies to fight you. It is also easier to break free of his petrifaction attack.

Currently there is a glitch were Petrilisk will continuously use a petrifaction attack and be immune while doing so. Petrilisk can be knocked out of the invincibility by the normal basic skill that knocks enemies into the air.


  • Kamenai
  • Kaumen
  • Ancient Puppeteer Turpo
  • Ancient Puppeteer Calrun
  • Ancient Puppeteer Dragulom
  • Ancient Puppeteer Acegraw
  • Lizard Soul (Brown)
  • Lizard Soul (Yellow)
  • Lizard Knight Alecto
  • Lizard Knight Megaira
  • Lizard Knight Tispone
  • Magneus
  • Basilisk
  • Royal Lizard Guard
  • Boss: Captain Petrilisk