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Commodore Cannonhand

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Commodore Cannonhand
Commodore Cannonhand.png

Move List

Abilities Include:

  • Bending down and goes into super armor for a moment. He then leaps forward a short distance hitting enemies in his way 2-3 times.
  • Looking into the air with his mouth open and starts summoning birds to help him. The birds have 1 hp but are high in the air making them difficult to hit. The birds will dive bomb players to knock them down. Afterwards they will be temporarily stunned.
  • Shooting a large blast out of his cannon arm. The blast moves him backwards and he will often use this move repeatedly.
  • Laying down a dragon pillar. If he hits a player directly they will be trapped in the pillar. Trapped players can still attack but they cannot move. dragon pillars will explode after awhile so destroying them is ideal.
  • If he is knocked too high into the air, he will counter by becoming invincible and slamming the ground below him with a dragon pillar. This move has a high chance to stun.

In Pursue the Express Train, he gains additional abilities:

  • Jumps around the room launching 1 or more flash bang grenades into the air. These will slowly float back down and then explode once they reach a certain height. Their location is marked on the ground and players facing the grenades when they explode will be blinded and confused. If you are too close to the grenade you will also take damage.
  • Hits players with his cannonhand, dealing extremely high knockback. Players that are hit will be bounced around the room several times.
  • Can place all player's skills on their full cooldown duration.
  • His leap attack gains the ability to hold players in place for a few moments before they are struck again.


Pressure him constantly. If he goes into super armor immediately grab him. If you don't have a short cooldown grab, then use hit and run attacks. Don't let the birds get in too high of numbers or they will constantly interrupt you. Avoid moves that knock opponents high into the air such as Upward Slash.png Upward Slash and Raging Fury.png Raging Fury unless he is already knocked down. In Pursue the Express Train, it is a good idea to focus on him rather than the Admiral to prevent him from using his new highly disruptive abilities.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.