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Corsair Awakens 5 (Original Version)

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Awakening Quest Icon.png Corsair Awakens 5 (Original Version)
Type Awakening Quest
Quest Line Corsair Awakens (Original Version)
Level Req. 48
Area - Dungeon / Town None - West Coast
Quest Giver Marlene Kitzka
  • Gather the following material in order to make a Twin Gunblade.

  • Expicon.png Level Scaling Exp
  • Bloodia Awakening Banner 1.png
Previous Quest(s)
Awakening Quest Icon.png Corsair Awakens 4 (Original Version)
Next Quest(s)

Corsair Awakens 5 is the fifth quest of the Corsair Awakens Awakening Quest storyline.



Marlene-Face1.png Marlene Kitzka

Excellent. I will teach you the Corsair technique. However, first you must possess a Corsair's weapon, the Twin Gunblade. Gather materials to craft one.


Marlene-Face3.png Marlene Kitzka

Well! I never imagined that the first Corsair would be born on the Arad continent.

If the rest of your generation is as strong as you are, I am sure peace will soon return to both Arad and Empyrean.

Quest Line
Corsair Awakens (Original Version) Corsair Awakens 1 (Original Version) • Corsair Awakens 2 (Original Version) • Corsair Awakens 3 (Original Version) • Corsair Awakens 4 (Original Version) • Corsair Awakens 5 (Original Version)