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Crom's Vampiric Set

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Set Effects


HP MAX +733
Attack Speed +7 %
Casting Speed +7 %
Bleeding Level +4

Attacking Bleeding enemies increases Strength/Intelligence by +100 for 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Crom's Mana Absorbing Pants.png Crom's Mana Absorbing Pants Light Armor Bottom 60 P. Def. +2541
STR +39
INT +69
EXO +238
MP MAX +550
Magic Critical Chance +7 %
I made it when the mana was overflowed -Crom-
Crom's Vampiric Shoulder.png Crom's Vampiric Shoulder Light Armor Head/Shoulder 60 P. Def. +2033
STR +31
INT +21
VIT +57
EXO +238
+18 HP per Min
Red... There is no more beautiful color than Red in the world -Crom-
Crom's Soaked Vital Coat.png Crom's Soaked Vital Coat Light Armor Top 60 P. Def. +3049
STR +83
INT +25
EXO +238
HP MAX +550
Physical Critical Chance +7 %
*Cough cough*... I will put my partial vital in here before I die. -Crom-