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Cycle of Life Set

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Set Effects


Physical Critical Chance +5 %
Magic Critical Chance +5 %

Casts the Life and Death buff for 30 sec. every 30 sec. while equipped. (Max Stacks: 1. Option canceled when unequipped.)
- All Atk. +12%

- Skill Atk. +20%


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Option Effects
Reincarnation- Returning Life.png Reincarnation: Returning Life Earrings 95 STR +66
INT +66
VIT +66
SPR +66
EXO +429
Additional Attack Damage +12%
Additional Critical Damage +12%
They perish and return;
Samsara- Time of Rebirth.png Samsara: Time of Rebirth Magic Stone 95 STR +66
INT +66
VIT +66
SPR +66
EXO +429
All Elemental Damage +50
Skill Atk. +10%
Everything in the world is within the cycle of time.
Matryoshka- Infinite Birth.png Matryoshka: Infinite Birth Sub Equipment 95 STR +44
INT +44
VIT +44
SPR +44
EXO +429
All Atk. +10%
All Level 1-85 All Skill Lv +1 (Special Skills excluded)
The skill level increases based on the initial skill level. There are no increases for skills that are mastered at Level 1.
it's just like infinite rebirth.



  • Cycle of Life's theme is centered around a philosophical concept surrounding the cycle of life, death and reincarnation in religion.
    • Saṃsāra is Sanskrit for "Wandering-on".
    • Matryoshka are dolls that originate from Russia that symbolizes fertility and motherhood.