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Dark Elf Hunter

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IconDark Elf Hunter.png Dark Elf Hunter

Darkelf sprit hunter.img.0.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Family Dark elf
Level 47
Dungeons Labyrinth of Shadows
Drops unknown
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"I'll rip off your armor first!"

The Dark Elf Hunter is a soldier wandering around the Labyrinth of Shadows in search of spirits to kill. While he prefers to skewer his quarry with well-aimed arrows, he is not above attacking the occasional Dungeon Fighter that might be passing by...

Move List

  • The Dark Elf Hunter frequently throws multiple boomerangs out for minor damage.
  • Spirit Arrow: Fires a blue, glowing orb that will relentlessly track its target. Getting hit by this may randomly break a piece of armor and lower defense.


  • Avoid his Spirit Arrows, as their armor-breaking properties are troublesome to deal with.
  • His boomerangs can be broken before they reach the player with a well-timed attack.