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Elemental Dropper Set

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Set Effects


When enemy is within 500 px

- All Elemental Damage +50.

When enemy is within 400 px

- Intelligence +400.

When enemy is within 300 px

- Skill Damage +18%

When enemy is within 300 px

- Super Armor for 2 seconds when casting skills. (Cooldown: 2s)

- Creates an aura that decreases Magical Def. 20% for enemies in a 300 px range.


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Darkness Low Sash.png Darkness Low Sash Cloth Belt 85 P. Def. +449
INT +75
SPR +31
Shadow Damage +12
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
What the hell is this made of?
Flame Drop Trousers.png Flame Drop Trousers Cloth Bottom 85 P. Def. +1122
INT +51
SPR +51
Fire Damage +12
Magic Critical Chance +5 %
The fire pattern looks so realistic. - Inacia
Ray Decrease Shoulder.png Ray Decrease Shoulder Cloth Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +898
INT +85
SPR +41
Light Damage +12
This looks like it'll never get dirty. - Arfin
Face Down Shoes.png Face Down Shoes Cloth Shoes 85 P. Def. +673
INT +75
SPR +31
Movement Speed +6 %
All Elemental Damage +30
If you can't run faster than someone, then don't let him run with you.
Freezing Cut Robe.png Freezing Cut Robe Cloth Top 85 P. Def. +1346
INT +51
SPR +51
Water Damage +12
Magic Critical Chance +5 %
I'll freeze you all! - Rion


  • This Level 85 Epic Armor can have its exorcism and stats scaled to Level 100 by equipping All Elemental Crystal.png All Elemental Crystal.