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Emergency Mission

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An Emergency Mission notice. Note that a special UI icon above indicating an Emergency Mission.

An Emergency Mission is a special event that randomly appears in normal dungeons after level 100. Every time you enter a normal dungeon, there is a chance to encounter an Emergency Mission, which is followed by an Unstable Rift that appears on the map that is accessible after all enemies are defeated. These Unstable Rifts contain various challenges that can be completed for various rewards.  

Unstable Rift

When you enter an Unstable Rift, you will be brought into either a red (Burning Rift) or blue (Warping Rift) room, similar in appearance to the Otherverse's Void Rift dungeon. In there, you or your party are to complete certain tasks in order to complete; if you enter an Unstable Rift with a party, all members will receive the same mission and rewards.

The missions are as follows:

  • Defeat Named/Boss monsters
  • Destroy certain objects
  • Interact with special objects in a manner of Simon Says


Completion of an Emergency Mission will yield you the following:

These rewards will be sent to your inventory after completion of the Unstable Rift; leaving the dungeon will result in its disappearance.

The rewards after an Emergency Mission. With the Unstable Rift Contract active, a player can receive two rewards instead of one.

Unstable Rift Contract

Purchasing an Unstable Rift Contract will increase the odds of an Emergency Mission appearing, as well as increase the number of rewards after completing an Emergency Mission.