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Epic Fragment

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Epic Fragment.png

Epic Fragments are the primary materials used to craft Epic items and multiple are guaranteed to drop after a Hell Party. There are different Epic Fragments for every Epic item and drop depending on the level range of the monsters of the dungeon.

Fragments are automatically picked up by the player, unless the Material tab in the inventory is filled, in that case they must be picked up individually. They do not take up any inventory space, and are instead are sent to the Epic Dictionary filed under their corresponding Epic item.

In later Hell Parties such as Harlem & Guide of Wisdom, Epic Fragments no longer drop and instead can be obtained by disassembling Epic items and the amount of souls needed to craft them have been re-adjusted.


Crafting Epics can be done through the Epic Dictionary once all required materials are in possession. The amount of materials needed (except fragments) scale upwards alongside the Epic item's level.

Item Level Epic Fragments Legendary Soul.png Legendary Souls Epic Soul.png Epic Souls
70 1,000 12 12
75 13 13
80 14 14
85 15 15
90 16 16
95 17 17
100 18 18