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Equipment Option Growth

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The Equipment Option Growth is a System introduced in Dungeon Fighter Online as of the Season 7: Act 01 patch, that allow players to strengthen their newly acquired Level 105 Equipment's Damage Values, Option Levels and Adventurer Fame. This can be accessed through either the Mystical Grimoire in Seria's room, Kiri's Epic Processing System at Hendon Myre or Loton in West Coast. By going to either NPC, click on the "Option Fusion" and it will take you to three different tabs. By default, you will be at the Option Growth tab, where you can fuse epics of the same type to increase its potency.

Option Growth

The Option Growth Window with two applicable equipment that can be fused under the Complete Growth Method.

The Option Growth system can be used to further enhance the potency of options on level 105 Epic and Legendary equipment by sacrificing unwanted or duplicate equipment of the same type, up to a maximum option level of 80 for each line. If either the target or material equipment has enchantments applied to it, or has been reinforced, refined, or amplified, they can also be transferred onto the final product. This functions in the same way as the inheritance system, and will incur the exact same fee of Goldicon.png Gold added onto the final cost.

Using the Standard Growth method, the material equipment's options' accumulated levels and experience points will be transferred onto the target equipment. If both equipment have the same option, levels and experience points will transfer completely between those options, while different options will transfer less. If at least one option does not match between the target and the material equipment, the Complete Growth method can be used instead, which will completely transfer levels and experience points between options as if they were matching, in exchange for a significantly increased cost.

Furthermore, if the material equipment's option levels are lower than that of the target's, there is a chance of a Great Success occurring, which will double the amount of experience points transferred.


Materials Needed

Standard Growth

If one of the registered equipment has an option level of 20 or below:

Materials No Matching Options 1 Matching Option 2 Matching Options 3 Matching Options 4 Matching Options
Golden Beryl.png Golden Beryl 2 4 6 8 10
Goldicon.png Gold 25,000
Power Essence.png Power Essence 1

If one of the registered equipment has an option level of 21 or higher:

Materials No Matching Options 1 Matching Option 2 Matching Options 3 Matching Options 4 Matching Options
Golden Beryl.png Golden Beryl 10 20 30 40 50
Goldicon.png Gold 50,000
Power Essence.png Power Essence 1

Complete Growth

In addition to a base cost, an additional amount of materials are needed for each option that does not match between the target and material equipment, and their level.

Materials Base Cost Option Level 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80
Golden Beryl.png Golden Beryl 50 +10 +15 +20 +25 +50 +60 +70 +80 +90 +100 +110 +120
Goldicon.png Gold 50,000 +10,000 +15,000 +20,000 +25,000 +50,000 +60,000 +70,000 +80,000 +90,000 +100,000 +110,000 +120,000
Power Essence.png Power Essence 1 +0 +1

Option Transfer

The Option Transfer Window showing applicable options between Ent Spirit Top and Blue Beryl Armor Top.

The Option Transfer system allows equipment with custom options to inherit and replace a single custom option from another piece of equipment, so as long as both equipment can possess the target custom option naturally. This system can be leveraged to create more well-rounded equipment with the most ideal options possible.

During the transfer process, the material equipment is destroyed. Furthermore, once an option is transferred, all other options on the target equipment become permanently locked, and from then onwards only the transferred option can be changed into another.

Materials Needed

Applicable Equipment


No equipment found that satisfy the search criteria.


Option Level Transfer

Sharing an identical function to Black Purgatory, Option Level Transfer allows you to transfer a material equipment's Option Levels and EXP over towards a corresponding target equipment. Once this is finalized, the material equipment will not disappear, but instead have its values reset back to Level 1 with no EXP. The equipment's Adventurer Fame may get changed slightly depending on it's overall Damage/Buff Power values. Matching equipment options cannot be used for transferring.

The following materials are required per transfer: