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Fatigue Points

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Fatigue is a system that directly affect the character in gameplay in regards to exploring various content. You have a total of 156 Fatigue points per weekday and 176 per on weekends.

A full bar of Fatigue. Note it says "EXP UP" in the center, which implies that the character will gain bonus EXP from Growing Fatigue Points.


Entering a dungeon automatically consumes one Fatigue point. As the player progress through the map, each room will consume an additional one point, however returning to a previously visited map will not consume a point, and having 0 Fatigue points in the middle of dungeon doesn't prevent you from proceeding. Thus, it is recommended to run full maps for a dungeon should you face 0 fatigue point in the middle.

Special Dungeons cost 8 FP for entry, but do not consume additional FP after. Thus, it is advantageous to fully clear Special Dungeons for the maximum amount of experience for fatigue spent.

How to Recover Fatigue?

Fatigue points are fully replenished at 9:00 AM (UTC), along with coins. Additionally, Fatigue points may be also artificially replenished by various means (I.E. Potions made via Alchemy or bought within the Mileage shop). Any Fatigue points left unused will contribute to Growing Fatigue Points on the next day, up to a maximum of 117, though higher leveled characters have a higher cap. These give double experience for as long as they last.

A full bar of Fatigue under NeoPremium Plus, it's 156 Fatigue points increased to 293. It is also in "FP Express" mode, which doubles Fatigue consumption in dungeons but increases EXP.

Fatigue points can also be extended upon, mainly with NeoPremium Basic and Plus, which is found in the Cera Shop. NeoPremium Basic adds 78 more Fatigue points, +20 Fatigue points in the weekends totaling to 254 total Fatigue Points with NeoPremium Basic + weekends. But NeoPremium Plus adds 117 more Fatigue points +20 Fatigue points in the weekends totaling to 293 total Fatigue points with NeoPremium Plus + weekends. If both contracts are both, NeoPremium Plus's benefits will be applied first and once Plus is over, The benefits of NeoPremium Basic will apply.

Burning Event

On rare occasions, Neople will introduce a Burning Event, which will provide gameplay bonuses to your characters depending on the amount of Fatigue your account has. These bonuses range from bonus EXP/Drop rates to skill level increase and cooldown reductions. In addition, your Fatigue Points will be increased to accommodate these events.

These events are normally held on Fridays to Sundays from 9:00 to 8:59 (UTC)

Previous Events