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GBL Library Curator

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Icon-GBL Library Curator.png GBL Library Curator

Gbl chief libraian.img.0.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Family GBL
Level unknown
Dungeons GBL Arad Branch
Drops unknown
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The GBL Library Curator is a stronger variation of the GBL Librarian. She typically lurks amongst the shelves of the GBL Arad Branch.

Move List

  • Like most other Librarians, the Curator will take swipes at you with her book.
  • Summon Books: The Curator will summon a long row of books (typically the width of the entire room) and send them flying towards the player one after another.
  • Book Avalanche: Every so often, the Curator will summon a pile of books, toss them into the air, and then fling them all at the player at once.


  • While the Curator isn't overly hard to kill, her books will deal heavy damage, especially Book Avalanche. Either jump over them or get behind her before she launches them.
  • Skills that have multiple hits and fast attack speeds are ideal in order to stun-lock her to death.