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The boss of South Ghent Gate, the GT-9600, is essentially a giant tank. It's the Kartels' secret super-weapon created by Dr. Gizel, designed to create mass destruction. It will not go down without a long and fierce battle, so be prepared to go all out.

Move List

  • Moves extremely fast
  • Cannot be grabbed, launched or knocked down.
  • Extremely high physical defense, and extremely fast HP regeneration comparable to Hyper Mecha Tau's
  • Goes into super-armor and dashes straight to the other side of the screen, moving at an extremely fast speed and ramming down everything it hits
  • Goes into super-armor and sprays the area around it with bullets using the gun turret positioned on top of it. Being too close to it can result in getting hit multiple times.
  • Goes into super-armor and fires a barrage of homing missiles into the sky, which then tracks the location of characters on the way back down. The missiles have limited homing ability and will explode upon hitting the ground, inflicting splash damage.
    • It also has a variation of this attack where it randomly shoots missiles into the sky, which then come crashing down in random locations around itself.
  • Can fire missiles to hit players directly. These will fly straight to where the character was standing when the missiles were fired.
  • Can slam it's main body into the ground to create a full-screen quake. It comes out extremely fast.
  • Occasionally casts a defensive buff that greatly reduces the amount of damage it takes from attacks (seems to be 75%~90% reduction)


  • GT-9600 may seem extremely difficult to beat alone at first, but it has one fatal weakness: all of its attacks, except for the ground slam, have rather long start-up time. You can dodge its attacks rather easily if you are paying attention to its movements at all times. Most of the fight will be spent running around dodging it attacks and keeping up with its speed until you can find an opening to attack it.
  • When the gun turret begins spinning, run as far away from it as possible before it starts to spray bullets.
  • When it freezes in place and goes into super-armor, it's either going to do the dashing attack or missile rain. Move out of X-axis range first.
  • Homing missiles coming from above WILL home into your location if you keep moving in one direction; try changing directions or running in zig-zags while avoiding the missiles. They can still hit you with splash damage upon exploding on the ground, so it's tricky to avoid the missiles by just running around.
  • Its slamming attack is very difficult to anticipate. It does high damage, has almost full-screen range and comes out extremely quickly. It can be avoided by jumping or backstepping quickly enough (the latter requiring good reflexes)
  • The fact that its constantly in super-armor, and that it cannot be grabbed, launched or knocked down, means it's almost impossible to interrupt its attacks. Don't try to do so: instead, focus on avoiding its attacks.
  • Finally, it seems to respond to most cube skills with the ground slam. Try to hit it with said cube skill immediately to avoid being knocked out of your attack.
  • Note, that it is not immune to hitstun; A party of four extremely fast attackers can stunlock it to death if they know what they're doing.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.