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Gangling Lotus

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IconGangling Lotus.png Gangling Lotus

SpriteGangling Lotus.png

Type TypeBeast.png ArmorTypeBuilding.png
Family Stationary
Level unknown
Dungeons Second Spine
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Gangling Lotus in-game portrait


"How did a fragile creature get here? I'll show you the power of the Apostle!"

Gangling Lotus is the boss of Second Spine, and the eighth strongest Apostle. Mysteriously transported on to the spine of the Behemoth when the Devolution fell upon Arad, Lotus has remained there ever since, slowly corrupting the local GBL cult that called the colossal flying whale their home. Dungeon Fighters must confront this insidious fiend and bring an end to his domination—but to do that, they must first fight through his army of mind-possessed zealots, and his forewarning of darker times to come...

Move List

  • Lotus will attack players using his tentacles, and may repeatedly lash them out for minor damage.
  • He can also ravage the ground using octopus legs, similar to the vase traps scattered around the Spines.
  • Tentacle Grab: Drops down a tentacle and wraps it around a player, strangling him or her.
  • Tentacle Rake: Twists his tentacles together, then sweeps the ground in front of him for heavy damage.
  • Tentacle Spear: Impales a certain area with spiny tentacles.
  • Rockslide: Retreats into his massive cage, then drops down rocks on to the player.
  • Summon He'etako: Retreats into his massive cage, then drops down He'etakos, Devourers or Lukukus.
  • Mind Attack: Arches a tentacle, which will glow either green, red or white. Any players within range will immediately be Stunned, Confused, or fall Asleep.


  • The immediate priority upon entering the boss room is to break as many rows of vases as possible. All four rows are traps and will cause Lotus to rake his tentacles across the entire map; avoid accordingly. If left untouched, Lotus will mentally trigger the traps himself, or use Tentacle Rake to set them off.
  • Lotus' attacks are heavily foreshadowed. He will raise a tentacle about five seconds before whipping it forward, and slide into his hiding place before dropping rocks, tentacles, or He'etakos. Yellow spell markers may dot the ground, indicating where he will strike next. Dodge accordingly.
  • A Hyper Jammer is not required when fighting him but it will render his Mind Attacks useless.
  • Lotus' hit box is rather small; unlike other stationary bosses, it is not possible to hit him with skills beyond the edge of the map, and certain AoE skills may have no effect.
  • As a stationary boss, no grabs or lift attacks will have any effect.