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Goblin Kingdom

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.
Goblin Kingdom
Goblin Kingdom.png
Location Interdimensional Rift
Min. Level 70
Level 70-86
Monster Level 70-80
End Boss Goblin King Golgo


Goblin kingdom.png
Goblin kingdom2.png

The Devolution's energy has amassed most powerfully here in the Goblin Kingdom. Long ago, the Goblins appointed the strongest of them as their king, to lead them in the building of their underground kingdom. Now that the Interdimensional Rift has caused a distortion in space, Dungeon Fighters have the opportunity to venture to that kingdom. But the Goblins know of the intruders in their land and will protect their kingdom, no matter the cost.


  • Alternative World Dungeon
  • Only 8 Tokens can be used per run.
  • Easy Difficulty does not require a party to start.
  • Must have a Party of 2 people to enter for Medium/Hard/Ultimate Difficulties.
  • This dungeon can only be run 2 times a day. This resets the next day.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Fatigue Points: 6


This acts as a sort of introduction to the Otherverse dungeons. However, don't let that fool you, as this dungeon is very gimmicky and Death can creep up very quickly should somebody mess up.

Recommended Items To Have Before Entering:

  • Bleed Potions or Toy of Sparkling World

Room 1


Entering the dungeon, you'll see a few Goblin Bunkers and some enemies. The ones to really watch out for are the Goblin Lunatics, dressed in white and wielding some very sharp daggers. While the bunkers do need to be taken out to prevent more Goblins from being spawned, the Goblin Lunatics are a high priority as their attacks can cause high-level Bleeding and they move and attack very quickly with high hit-stun. However, making things worse is that each Lunatic will recover HP and attack even faster when a Lunatic is killed. Keeping them in place and preventing them from attacking will make things easier on everyone.

  • as of Act 7 Part 3 the Goblin Lunatics have been removed.

Room 2


Clockwork Gleich is the main enemy in this room, located at the right of the room. It is invincible and can only be defeated via feeding it a certain number of Goblins which spawn from the Goblin bunker on the left side of the room.

There are three types of Goblins that randomly spawn:

  • No Icon.png Goblin Tech: Normal-looking Goblins with a Club. Tend to follow enemies. May attack at close-range.
  • No Icon.png Goblin Scout: Goblins wielding a Shield. They move very slow.
  • No Icon.png Goblin Guard: Goblins with a Bow. They move in an erratic zig-zag pattern and are very fast.

Players can feed the Gleich Goblins by knocking them directly into the Gleich. One recommended way is to use grab moves such as Smasher.png Smasher, Explosive Hook.png Explosive Hook, Fling (Female).png Fling, or Bloodlust.png Bloodlust. Of course, there are a few other ways to do this as well. One person is usually enough to feed Gleich, and the others should park in the bottom-right corner to avoid drawing aggro.

Players must manage how many Goblins are available in the room in order to feed the Gleich consistently to avoid it exploding. An indicator gauge is located above the Gleich to allow players can keep track of the number of Goblins fed. After eating enough Goblins, indicated by the gauge above being full, the Gleich will be destroyed and the room will be cleared.

Caution: If Players do not feed Clockwork Gleich a Goblin within a time limit, it will emit a room-wide explosion, dealing massive damage to all players.

Caution: Clockwork Gleich does a mini explosion around itself upon eating a Goblin dealing damage to nearby players.

Note: More Goblins appear when the Goblin bunker is destroyed. Destroying the bunker will spawn enough Goblins to destroy the Gleich. The Player can feed all the Goblins at once to speed up the process.

Note: Although it is usually not recommended, it is possible to feed the Gleich multiple Goblins at a time. The gauge above the Gleich will increase by just as many points per Goblin consumed.

Note: It's recommended to not have any Summons or the like in the room. They can cause issues and result in the Party being killed.

Room 3


This can be a very tricky and deadly room. Luckily, the entire dungeon gets a bit easier after this. Entering the room, you'll see 3 Goblin Trappers and Guardian Olli, who's semi-invisible.

The Goblin Trappers sit up on some tree branches. Up there, they can drop Tree Logs on Players and drop down a vine-covered sac. This can be very dangerous since if the sac breaks by itself, it will summon one of several enemies including:

  • Tau Warrior, Tau Assaulter, Tau Beast, Tau Guard, Tau King Shauta, Tau Captain
  • Penril

The worst that can happen is that you can be flooded with tons of monsters, including the deadly Tau Captain. You can hit the Goblin Trappers on their branches to make them fall to the ground where they'll attack by throwing spears. They will also heal themselves after some time if left on their branches.

And then we get to Guardian Olli, who's a complete gimmick in himself. So what can he do?

  • Invincibility: Olli will alternate between being transparent and solid. While transparent, he can't be affected by any attacks. However, he's free to use any of his other attacks.
  • Spear Jab: Jabs a Player with his spear. Fairly standard attack.
  • Spear Toss: Tosses a spear with a glowing blue tip in an arc. Stays around after hitting the ground, so avoid touching it.
  • Multi-Spear Toss: Spear Toss with a LOT of spears. Will skewer anyone unlucky enough to be front of Olli.
  • Spear Barrage: Multi-Spear Toss, but several waves of it. Used as an anti-cube counter.
  • Spear Lunge: Olli lunges a spear straight forward. Travels a good distance on the x-axis and can penetrate targets.
  • Spear Cage: Olli's most dangerous skill. Olli will do a backflip and an arm motion. Immediately after, spears will rain from above trapping Players unlucky enough to be caught in it. At this point, the Spear Cages will explode within a certain amount of time, dealing heavy damage to anyone trapped or near the Spear Cage. The cages can be broken, but they're very resilient, and won't break easily.
  • BEWARE!! Be very cautious of using Cube Skills in here. Using a cube skill will trigger Spear Barrage and anyone unlucky enough to be in front of Olli will certainly die. Attempting to use Awakening Skills will result in the Party being simultaneously trapped in Spear Cages.

So how do you clear the room?

  • The best option to run to the right of the room. This is important as to not aggro the Trappers.
  • Olli will no doubt use his Spear Cage once your Party hits the right side. Olli's Spear Cage be avoided if you use a Cube Skill as he's about to make the motions for the Spear Cage. This will cause Olli to cancel his attack to use his Spear Barrage. However, ensure nobody's right in front of him before doing this!
  • After some time, Olli will turn solid, and you'll be able to attack. At this point, you can unload on him, but be wary: Olli can still counter with his Spear Barrage if somebody uses a Cube Skill and he isn't Frozen or Stunned. (And yes, he can perform it in the air if not in hitstun.)
  • If Olli isn't cornered in the right part of the room, there's no doubt the Goblin Trappers have aggroed. While it's best to defeat them after Olli is defeated, it's likely best if you knock them off their branches. If not that, then take care of the vine-covered sacs; you don't need any nasty surprises coming out.
  • After Olli is gone, take out the Trappers. They shouldn't be much of a threat at this point if the sacs haven't summoned anything nasty.
  • Alternatively, a high-damage party can use a cube early in the room on the trappers. Olli should do a harmless Spear Barrage and then go transparent. Use this time to knock the trappers down, and then wipe out everything when Olli becomes vulnerable again. Generally, as long as all of the trappers are under attack the sacs should be rendered harmless.

Room 4


A somewhat easy room if approached properly. The Pet Reindeer throw Gigantic-sized Trees, and that's about it for them. The real threat in the room is Isilien. She can summon 6 Hellflower Aukusos simultaneously around herself, which can be very problematic. Luckily, she doesn't have a lot of health, so she can be defeated without much trouble if you head straight for her. She can also summon a Pet Santa, but it doesn't do very much. After that, beat up on the Pet Reindeer and clear the room.

Room 5


Artillery Officer Udom is the main enemy in this room. He is invincible and dies after the Goblin Trap is fully constructed. While alive, he occasionally shoots barrages of cannonballs and Goblikaze at players. Udom must be defeated in order to proceed.

Players must protect and assemble the Goblin Trap located at the center of the room. A variety of Goblins will spawn in waves to attack the Goblin Trap. Among the many goblins that spawn, the 3 Goblin Engineers are the primary targets. Defeat the Goblin Engineers to receive components to construct the Goblin Trap. Players must collect three components to fully construct the Goblin Trap in order to wipe out all the enemy goblins and Artillery Officer Udom.

Caution: The Goblin Trap can only be hit a set number of times as indicated by a blue meter. If players allow the Goblin Trap to be hit too many times, the Goblin Trap will explode attacking all enemies while also dealing massive damage to all players.

Room 6 (Boss Room)


The boss of the Goblin Kingdom at last! Golgo has two forms. The first has him in a carriage that he uses like a battering ram. He only has two attacks in this form:

  • Ram: Attempts to ram players using his carriage.
  • Summon Royal Guards: Golgo will summon Golgo's Royal Guards. These then will seek out players and perform kamikaze. They stop before doing this, however, so get away while you can!

After dealing enough damage, the carriage will start to burn and break apart, leaving only Golgo. In this second phase, Golgo fights you himself, and he's got several nasty tricks.

  • Dance of Death: Golgo performs the Dance of Death. A giant skull appears in the middle of the room, and flaming totems will periodically appear around the room. If these totems aren't destroyed within a certain amount of time, the ground will turn purple and everyone will suffer extreme damage. The totems usually go down in a few attacks.
  • Summoning Dance: Summons more Golgo's Royal Guards. Same as the last phase basically.
  • Lightning Strike: Golgo will go into Super Armor and start filling up a cast bar. If it fills up, Lightning will strike the closest Player, dealing severe damage to them. Either break his Super Armor or grab him to prevent the attack.
  • Lightning Anti-Combo: If too many Players attempt to gang up on Golgo, he'll call down Lightning on his position.
  • Lightning Storm: Another anti-combo move. If Golgo takes too much damage, he'll slip away and turn invincible. At this point, the room will darken, and a green marker will appear in the center. Move there quickly, since Lightning will then strike then entire room except for the spot in the middle.