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Grandine Power Plant

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Grandine Power Plant
Grandine Power Plant.png
Location Power Station
Min. Level 83
Level 83-84
Monster Level 84
End Boss Icon-Evanescent Ferman.png Evanescent Ferman

Grandine is a high-efficiency power plant and it has sent the greatest amount of energy to Anton so far. Anton will definitely be weakened if the power from this plant is cut off. However, the guardian of this plant, Evanescent Ferman, is the strongest and will guard the plant with his life.


Evanescent Ferman is a shapeless creature born from Anton's heart. It has to parasitize magtonium to fully materialize itself. Evanescent Ferman's greatest weapon is its eyes--anyone who looks into those eyes forgets everything.



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Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Superheat Magtonium Necklace.png Superheat Magtonium Necklace Necklace 80 M. Def. +8008
INT +36
SPR +91
Shadow Damage +8
Superheat Afterimage.png Superheat Afterimage Sub Equipment 80
-150 HP per Min
Imbued with the power of superheat that burns everything to ashes.
Superheat Magtonium Armor.png Superheat Magtonium Armor Plate Armor Top 80 M. Def. +6006
STR +39
INT +39
VIT +42
Superheat Magtonium Cannon.png Superheat Magtonium Cannon Hand Cannon 80 P. Atk. +967
M. Atk. +580
I. Atk. +529
STR +91
Superheat Magtonium Chakra.png Superheat Magtonium Chakra Chakra Weapon 80 P. Atk. +677
M. Atk. +972
I. Atk. +528
INT +91
Casting Speed +5 %
Fire Damage +12
Hit Rate -1 %
Superheat Magtonium Short Sword.png Superheat Magtonium Short Sword Short Sword 80 P. Atk. +840
M. Atk. +1018
I. Atk. +529
INT +61
Casting Speed +2 %
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Short Sword Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Dark Knight(M):
Shadowy Short Sword Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Sentiment Du Fer Critical Skill Lvl + 1
Elemental Short Sword Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Quintuple Strength Skill Lvl + 1
Evolve Skill Lvl + 2
Brain Storm Skill Lvl + 1
Superheat Magtonium Totem.png Superheat Magtonium Totem Totem 80 P. Atk. +928
M. Atk. +796
I. Atk. +529
STR +91
Hit Rate +1 %
Superheat Sword.png Superheat Sword Lightsabre 80 P. Atk. +806
M. Atk. +796
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
Inflict Fire Damage
Hit Rate -1 %