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Gravity Vice

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Gravity Vice
Gravity Vice's Cutscene


Gravity Vice is one of three Cosmo Fiends who guards the Logistics Base during Fiend War. He controls the power of gravity and is always confident, preferring to fighting physically over using his powers. Armed with massive gauntlets that alter gravity every time they clash together, he can periodically change the direction of gravity around himself.

He also makes an appearance in Celestial Rift, where he is guaranteed to drop Antimatter Particle.png Antimatter Particles or Special Antimatter Particle.png Special Antimatter Particles.

Move Set

  • Dash: Vice quickly dashes to a random party member and uppercuts them and can perform this attack more than once in a row.
  • Shockwave: Vice does an uppercut in front of himself and creates a rocky shockwave that can knock players away if the attack connects.
  • Gravity Change: Vice connects his fists together and creates a black circle around himself. A second later, all party members who were within the range of the circle are lifted up and then thrown down, inflicting Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status). This attack does damage lethal enough to kill someone instantly, so use Toy of Sparkling World.png Toy of Sparkling World to remove the status and recover HP with a Healing Kit.
  • Gravity Energy Release Vice creates a gravity field in front of himself and on his fist, and then he punches the field, causing an explosion in front of him. This gravity field pulls in all nearby party members as the explosion deals heavy damage and causes knockback.
  • Strike Down: Vice jumps high into air and creates a large black circle below himself. All party members who were within the circle will instantly be inflicted with Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status). After a second or two, Vice drops down to attack. If players didn’t manage to get outside of black circle’s range, he'll will deal potentially lethal damage or instantly kill them with the drop. In order to avoid the pattern, use Toy of Sparkling World.png Toy of Sparkling World the very moment Slow was applied.


  • Meteorite Fall: After 40-45 seconds upon entering the room and Vice becoming vulnerable, he will jump to either the left or right side of the room and summons an inter-dimensional rift above himself, from which meteorites begin to fall on random spots of the room. After 4 seconds of meteorites, a full room shockwave will knockdown all party members similar to Rosaura's Lightning Quake or Finver's Nihilum’s Other Space patterns. After that, a huge meteorite drops and explodes - if it hits anyone, it will result in an instant kill. Use Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound after the shockwave in order to avoid being hit by the explosion. Afterwards, Vice will enter his groggy phase and becomes vulnerable for 12 seconds. If not killed by the end of this time limit, he'll repeat his patterns.


  • Vice is perhaps the strongest Fiend of the Logistics Base Trio, sporting a tremendous amount of HP and deals heavy-hitting attacks that can possibly kill you in one hit if you're not careful enough avoiding his patterns.
  • Carry plenty of Toy of Sparkling World.png Toy of Sparkling Worlds and Healing Kits.
  • If your team is strong enough to ideally 1-cycle Vice before Meteorite Fall, have Crusader/Enchantress deploy Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette and use your strongest skills to take him down.
  • Alternatively, you can save your stronger skills and use sustained ones on Vice while waiting for his groggy phase, so let the Crusader/Enchantress do a hard reset (die and revive with Life Token.png Life Token) after his berserk pattern finishes.
  • Move out of the range from Gravity Change, Gravity Energy Release & Strike Down when he prepares these attacks respectively.
  • Reserve Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound for Meteorite Fall and don't waste it if you're hit by the random meteorites during this pattern.



  • "I'll take you on, greenhorns."

Gravity Change

  • "Gravity Reverse!"

Gravity Energy Release:


  • "I'll acknowledge your existence if you survive here." (When preparing Meteorite Fall)
  • "Get crushed!" (Before launching Meteorites)



  • He is called Gravitational Weiss in foreign versions with Weiss meaning White in German.

Rewards (Celestial Rift)