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Heart of the Genesis

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Heart of the Genesis
Heart of the Genesis.png
Location Noire Ferra
Min. Level 38
Level 38-40
Monster Level 40
End Boss Icon-Vartarucis.png Heater Vartarucis

Icon-Vartarucis.png Heat Sword Vartarucis
Icon-Vartarucis.png Heat Fist Vartarucis


Word is that the covetous king Widir awakened the ancient Balrogs sleeping in their catacomb, and Balrog King Vartaruthis made some kind of proposition to Widir, who is willing to do anything to protect his gold.


Towards the end of the dungeon, there will be a room three different colored Guard Gargoyles as the sole enemies. The first one that dies will change what path you can take to the boss and will change the boss fight.

If the red one dies first, Vartarusis will fight you with a flaming whip. If the purple one dies first, Vartarucis will fight you with a flaming sword. If the blue one dies first, Vartarucis will fight you with his fists.


Map HeartofAncient.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:





Castaway Cave

Feat Quests

Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Undying Fire Lower Armor.png Undying Fire Lower Armor Light Armor Bottom 35 P. Def. +1518
STR +23
INT +15
VIT +17
Balrog Bracelet.png Balrog Bracelet Bracelet 35 M. Def. +2429
STR +19
VIT +49
Fire Damage +6
Fire Absorber Circlet.png Fire Absorber Circlet Light Armor Head/Shoulder 35 P. Def. +1214
STR +30
INT +12
Fire Resist +18
Burn Tolerance +18
Forbidden Contract Ring.png Forbidden Contract Ring Ring 35 M. Def. +1619
STR +28
INT +28
Contract: Big Sis Louise! Skill Lvl + 1
Ancient Memory Skill Lvl + 2
Wind Slippers.png Wind Slippers Cloth Shoes 35 P. Def. +304
INT +14
SPR +14
Movement Speed +7 %
Fire Resist +12
Jump Strength +30
Leap Skill Lvl + 1
Undying Fire Upper Armor.png Undying Fire Upper Armor Light Armor Top 35 P. Def. +1822
STR +40
INT +15
Vartarucis's Fire Sword.png Vartarucis's Fire Sword Lightsabre 35 P. Atk. +388
M. Atk. +376
I. Atk. +242
STR +31
Inflict Fire Damage
Hit Rate -1 %