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Hound Master Myojin

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Icon-Hound Master Myojin.png Hound Master Myojin


Type TypeHuman.png
Family Brigand
Level unknown
Dungeons Depth
Brigand City
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Hound Master Myojin in-game portrait


Hound Master Myojin is the boss of Brigand City. Larger in size than all the other Mad Brigands, and uses his hounds to attack.

Move List

Abilities include:

  • Can disappear in a cloud of smoke and reappear behind a character to attack him/her from behind.
  • Throws knives that fan out in 3s. He can use this attack over and over in rapid succession.
  • Can grab hold of you. Upon doing so, all of his Hounds in the vicinity will be lured to attack the character he has grabbed.
  • Occasionally casts super armor when attacking.
  • Summons a horde of Hounds that are equipped with explosives. These will attempt to suicide attack you. Has a chance to temporarily break a random piece of armor on hit. Can juggle for massive damage.
  • Summons Myojin's Hounds.



  • Myojin spawns with a massive mob of Hounds. Kill all of them quickly, as the more Hounds are alive, the more potential damage his grab attack can cause.
  • The thrown knives and suicide hounds can be destroyed by attacks. Otherwise, jump over the suicide hounds.
  • Free the Feral Doberman in the bottom right of the room to assist in attacking him or drawing his attention away from you when you need breathing space.