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Iron Beast

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Iron Beast
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A brutal and fierce dragon that was so uncontrollable that Luke had to cut off it's head and replace it with a cannon, thus creating an emotionless Iron Aim instead. But with adventurers getting close to his sanctuary, Luke had to put the dragon's head back on and return it to it's original violent state.

Move Set

  • Flight: Iron Beast will slowly fly up into the air and attempts to bombard players by using these patterns:
    • Nets: Will immobilize players if they're caught in one of them, use a Toy of Sparkling World to break out of it.
    • Meteors: Caught players will cause Iron Beast to fly around and bombard out meteors that can deal moderate damage and knock back.
  • Quick Flight/Double Stomp: If not defeated or immobilized from the Nets, Iron Beast will breathe in and quickly fly right up. A marker will appear on the ground where it'll stomp twice creating shock waves that flings players in the air.
  • Landing: After certain patterns, Iron Beast will land on the ground and can pull in players which can push them back if they get too close to it. However, it'll be exhausted and rest for 10 seconds that leaves it open to damage.
  • Melee: Iron Beast swipes at players using it's claws for moderate damage.
  • Dragon Eggs: Iron Beast spits out three to six dragon eggs that'll hatch and quickly drain players' MP if they come in contact with them.


  • Flame Breath: If over held by more than one player, Iron Beast will push them back and blasts out a huge flamethrower-like attack out of it's mouth that'll cause stun-lock and heavy damage for those who are in direct contact of the move.