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Jericho Crawford

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Jericho Crawford

The boss of the Shrouded Heiz dungeon, a Kartel officer and the antagonist of the Gunner's intro story.

Move List

  • Fires his shotgun, shooting pellets in a wide range in front of him for a short distance.
  • Drops two time bombs near him which detonate after a few seconds.
  • Calls for the backup of the chain biker gang. While doing this, he has invincibility frames.
  • At some point during the fight, two bikers will drop two lines of time bombs that will cover the floor and explode on a timer.


  • Jericho Crawford can give melee classes a difficult time due to his shotgun and mines, but is very prone to hit-and-run tactics for several reasons.
  • The shotgun blast is extremely powerful against melee classes, however it has a significant wind-up time and limited range.
  • The time bombs that Crawford himself drops take a fairly long time before detonation.
  • The majority of his attacks are short (not melee) ranged without any sort of gap-closing ability, rendering him very prone to ranged classes.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.



  • Jericho Crawford can be seen in the Male Gunner's introduction comic which was made long before Shrouded Heiz.
  • Jericho Crawford is named Stick Van Platin in foreign versions. The reason for his name being changed only in this version is unknown.