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Kore Power Plant

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Kore Power Plant
Kore Power Plant.png
Location Power Station
Min. Level 81
Level 81-82
Monster Level 82
End Boss Icon-Avenging Pit.png Avenging Pit

Kohle is the first power plant in the series of power plants that send energy to Anton. The guardian of this plant is Fitz the Interno, the coldest and cruelest of Anton’s servants. It is one of the trials that you must pass to defeat Anton.


Avenging Pit is a flame born from Anton's fierce blaze, whose heart and eyes are made up of highly pure magtonium. Anyone who looks into his eyes is instantly engulfed by angry flames.

Dungeon Gimmick

The generator in the boss room instantly kills Avenging Pit when it gets destroyed.


1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map SEW.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png
2 Map Blank.png Map SE.png Map NSEW.png Map NW.png Map Blank.png
3 Map Blank.png Map NE.png Map NEW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Pit&-39;s Core.png Pit's Core Magic Stone 80 STR +54
INT +54
VIT +54
SPR +54
Fire Damage +14
Fire Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher Ring 80 M. Def. +3203
STR +55
INT +55
Fire Resist +22
Burning Skin Vest.png Burning Skin Vest Leather Top 80 P. Def. +2402
STR +39
INT +39
SPR +42
HP MAX +330
Fire Resist -12
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Magic Critical Chance +3 %
Burn Tolerance -12
Connection Flame Robe.png Connection Flame Robe Cloth Top 80 P. Def. +1201
INT +45
SPR +45
Casting Speed +3 %
Fire Resist +8
Bleeding Tolerance +14
Ancient Memory Skill Lvl + 2
Focus: Physical Critical Skill Lvl + 2
Focus: Magical Critical Skill Lvl + 2
Fiery Flames.png Fiery Flames Katana 80 P. Atk. +840
M. Atk. +928
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
INT +91
Inflict Fire Damage
Casting Speed +4 %
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate -1 %
Katana Mastery Skill Lvl + 3
Fire Wave Sword Skill Lvl + 1
Dark Knight(M):
Shadowy Katana Mastery Skill Lvl + 3
Dark Wave Skill Lvl + 1
Sentiment Du Fer Critical Skill Lvl + 1
Fiery Tonfa.png Fiery Tonfa Tonfa 80 P. Atk. +840
M. Atk. +884
I. Atk. +529
P. Def. +924
STR +61
INT +91
Inflict Fire Damage
Evasion Rate +3 %
Hit Rate +2 %
Critical Damage +10%
Fiery Touch.png Fiery Touch Claw 80 P. Atk. +884
M. Atk. +884
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
INT +31
Inflict Fire Damage
Fire Resist +12
Fire Damage +6
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Flare Gun.png Flare Gun Revolver 80 P. Atk. +827
M. Atk. +696
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
Inflict Fire Damage
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Death by Revolver Skill Lvl + 1
Wild Shot Skill Lvl + 2
Death by Revolver Skill Lvl + 1
Gun Dance Skill Lvl + 2