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Kres of Black Smoke

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Icon-Kres of Black Smoke.png
Kres of Black Smoke
Named Monster
TypeSpirit.png TypeHuman.png

Move List

  • Uppercut: Kres performs an uppercut for moderate damage. Getting hit by this also disables the use of Consumables for a brief period.
  • Dark Pool: Multiple purple pools will be summoned across the arena, which will deal minor damage and disables the use of skill for a brief period.
  • Spark: Overtime, small lightning balls will spawn on top of Kres. When he obtains 3 lightning balls, they will discharge and deal massive amounts of damage wherever Kres is standing.
  • Transfer: Kres and a random party member will be shielded and the message "Kres of Black Smoke transfers damage he receives to player name". All damage taken by Kres will be instead sent to the targeted party member, and vice versa. Dealing enough damage to the target party member directly will break them free.
  • Elemental Orbs: A fire, water, light, and dark destructible orb will appear in the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast corners, respectively. These orbs will only take damage from their opposite element (fire and water, and light and dark). They will also attempt to summon a clone of Kres.
  • Imprison: All party members will be teleported to each corner of the arena and be imprisoned by a crystal barrier. These barriers can be destroyed, and will instantly kill players within them after a moderate cast.


  • Kres can be held at the start of the fight. Most parties can use this opportunity to instantly burst him down, bypassing all of his mechanics.