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Miasma sprite.gif

Type TypeDemon.png
Family Hell Demon
Level unknown
Dungeons Hell Mode (Insane):
Time Gate dungeons
Power Station dungeons
Drops unknown
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The Water Hell Demon. Specializes in Water and Thunder attacks.

Move List

  • Vapor Aura: Decreases Attack Speed.png Attack Speed by 10% when close to Miasma.
  • Summon Dark Cloud: Summons a Thundercloud that will hang over a targeted area. If your character gets within the area of the cloud, it'll launch Thunderbolts at your position. Simply try to stay away from it. May cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) when struck by thunder.
  • Haze Mass: Launches a mass made of steam that homes in on your position. Has no hitstun, but will inflict continuous damage and slow your Attack Speed.png Attack Speed if it hits your character. Your only option to avoid damage is to try and run from it or hit the mass with a Fire or Water attack.
  • Water Drop Prison: Throws a water drop that can trap you. It's imperative to try and escape quickly, as it can cause 30% HP damage when it bursts after 7 seconds.
  • Summon Aejorines: Miasma summons Aejorines (Succubus-type monster) that will attack you with ranged attacks.


  • Salamander Flasks are exceptionally helpful in this fight, as they allow you to destroy Miasma's Haze Mass. Miasma himself and his summons are all weak to fire damage as well.
  • Destroy any summoned Aejorines as soon as possible as they increase Miasma's HP regeneration rate.
  • The Water Drop Prison can be destroyed by other players, otherwise, you'll be forced to take damage.
  • Haze Mass's speed reduction stacks, so the more it hits you, the slower you get. Multiple Haze Masses will amplify this effect even faster, so you must quickly destroy them with fire attacks.
  • A prolonged battle with Miasma is deadly, as he can potentially cover nearly half the battlefield with Thunderclouds (as these last very long), hindering your movement and limiting your attacking opportunities.
  • Items that give water resistance are extremely helpful (such as Ice Charms, that can be bought from Canna).
  • Being caught in a Water Drop Prison while under a Thundercloud means you will be repeatedly struck by thunder over and over for the duration of the prison. This most likely results in death, so try your best not to fight near or flee into the direction of a Thundercloud as it has deceptive range - it covers a slightly wider area than its actual sprite.
  • The best way to deal with Miasma is to rush him down and repeatedly attack him, not allowing him to cast any of his offensive spells. His spells are all extremely difficult to avoid and come out very fast.