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Brigadier General Navarre

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NavarreIcon.png Brigadier General Navarre
Age 35
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Brigadier General
Alias N/A
Location Slaugh Industrial Complex: Slaugh Central Street
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Navarre is the Brigadier General of the Empyrean Army, and Head of the Power Station Liberation Operation. The players first meet him as an allied Mechanic APC in Final Pursuit. Various stray remarks and item flavor text reveal he's mindful of what he eats, occasionally lamenting the taste quality of military food.

Navarre has the ability to cast many Male Mechanic's skills. He can cast RX-78 Land Runner.png RX-78 Land Runners and EZ-8 Time Bomb.png EZ-8 Time Bombs as well as infinite Air Combat Mech- Tempester.png Air Combat Mech: Tempesters and Mech Drop.png Mech Drops.


  • Provides quests for the Power Station Liberation Operation quest chain.
  • Assists the Dungeon Fighter during various missions and in some scenario dungeons
  • Can be summoned to battle as an APC through the use of No Icon.png Moon Pie.



Conversation start

  • I don't like the support we're getting from the Imperial Capital. We've eaten the same tasteless stew for three days in a row. Our soldiers can't fight on empty stomachs. I'm going to plead with the Imperial Princess that our soldiers need to eat meat at least once a day. If she wants to come see for herself, well, then that's better. Ha ha!
  • Soldiers! At ease! Attention! Military strength begins with drills and ceremonies. I'm most thrilled when I see my soldiers standing in a perfect formation. By the way, these barracks look too depressing for my liking. They're demoralizing. Maybe I should plant some flowers and plants around them.
  • Some people aren't happy that I've risen in the ranks so quickly. I'll prove myself to them by expelling Apostle Anton.

Conversation end


Navarre full art.jpeg NavarreChristmas.gif