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North Ghent Gate

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North Ghent Gate
North Ghent Gate.png
Location Antwer Canyon
Min. Level 66
Level 66-69
Monster Level 69
End Boss Machine-Arm Warjack


North Ghent Gate lore.jpg

Though the Imperial Army has their hands full defending the city, they have attempted a counterattack on the North Gate, using the new AT-5T walker. However, the Kartels were quick to cut off the AT-5T from the main force, leaving it helpless. Now, a wave of Kartel troops are bearing down on the Walker, and the Imperial Army is out of options. Time for you to even the odds.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
North ghent.PNG
Min Fatigue: 9
Max Fatigue: 11


  • Use the AT-5T Walker to your advantage and defeat the enemies!
  • Try to avoid and defeat the named monsters quickly; they can cripple the AT-5T Walker.
  • Use the AT-5T Walker to destroy barriers that prevent you from moving forward.
  • If you wish to avoid damaging the walker, jump off and fight.
  • Do NOT hop off while using the Super Attack on the walker- doing so will likely cancel it. Wait for the attack animation to appear before jumping.


Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Warjack's Machine Arm.png Warjack's Machine Arm Tonfa 60 P. Atk. +631
M. Atk. +664
I. Atk. +396
P. Def. +704
STR +47
INT +72
Inflict Light Damage
Evasion Rate +3 %
Hit Rate +2 %