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These appear as pixellated octopus, and will attempt to attach itself to the character's face, causing a stun effect and steadily reducing HP for the duration of the attachment. Their attacks may cause bleeding. All of the Octopus family drops Stringy Tentacles that may be exchanged for HP potions.

Name Description Location
He'etako A red octopus. Has short range melee attack where it jumps into the air and spins. Outer Temple Wall
First Spine
Second Spine
Lukuku A smaller, faster version of the He'etako. Has less HP and a smaller hitbox. Purgatorium
First Spine
Second Spine
Devourer A very aggressive, dark blue version of the octopus. First Spine
Second Spine
Great He'etako Boss of First Spine, and extremely large rendition of the Devourer with much faster spinning attack. First Spine
Ink He'etako A black He'etako that has a ranged blindness causing attack. GBL Laboratory
Invader A stronger purple Lukuku that jumps into a player's body and confuses him/her. GBL Laboratory
Stickle A stronger green Lukuku that has a green ranged attack GBL Laboratory
Hydracle Boss of GBL Laboratory. Water/ice element attribute. Beware of its ceiling attacks. Also uses all prior types of octopus attacks. GBL Laboratory
He'etako Rider A goblin-mounted He'etako. Essentially a faster He'etako with a larger hitbox. GBL Hatchery
He'etako Amalgamate An enemy made of multiple smaller He'etako. GBL Hatchery

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