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Icon-Hydracle.png Hydracle


Type TypeBeast.png
Family Octopus
Level Endless Nightmare:
GBL Laboratory: 55-86
Dungeons Endless Nightmare
GBL Laboratory
Drops unknown
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Hydracle is the boss of GBL Laboratory. It's the product of GBL experimentation for the perfect He'etako.

Move List

  • Leaps into the ceiling and attacks by dropping tentacles on you, marked by yellow circles on the ground.
  • Fast and super-armored spinning attack that can hit multiple times.
  • Can alter its size: Small (size of a Stickle) and large.
  • Shoots multi-colored jets of water, which can cause Poison (Status).png Poison (Status), Frozen (Status).png Freeze (Status), and Blind (Status).png Blind (Status).
  • Inflicts water damage with its attacks.


  • The Invaders that spawn with the boss will make life extremely difficult if they manage to confuse you. Try to get rid of them first before engaging Hydracle.
  • Crowd it immediately when it's still in its large state. The smaller version tends to spin more often, making it an even more difficult target.
  • When it leaps into the air, keep moving to dodge its tentacle attacks until it drops back down. You can track its location by the circular aura that appears under every boss.