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Omnipotent Mateka

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Icon-Omnipotent Mateka.png
Omnipotent Mateka
TypeSpirit.png TypeHuman.png
Prime Tartan
Portrait of Omnipotent Mateka

Move List

Phase 1

Mateka begins the fight protected by a blue barrier, which reflects incoming damage to all party members. There will also be 3 massive pentacles throughout the arena. At the top of the arena will be No Icon.png Fearsome Spiritual Residue, No Icon.png Grinder Ator, No Icon.png Lava Monster Worm, and No Icon.png Mertadorok, who are sealed away by orbs inscribed with 血 (blood), 金 (gold), 風 (wind), and 土 (earth), respectively.

  • Close Combat: Mateka constantly teleports to random players. Occasionally, he will begin charging up an attack. Immediately after he unleashes the attack but before the attack actually lands, his barrier will briefly dissipate. Counterattacking him during this period will grant the attacker an orb that will follow them around.
  • Summoning: The orb that follows the player from Close Combat will rotate between gold (金), earth (土), blood (血), and wind (風), in that order. Bringing the orb onto a pentacle will inscribe it with whatever symbol was on the orb at the time. When all three pentacles have the same inscription, they will summon their corresponding boss.
    • No Icon.png Fearsome Spiritual Residue will teleport to a random party member and distribute purple flames to all nearby party members. This purple flame must be constantly passed to party members, and then can be passed to Fearsome Spiritual Residue on the last pass. Doing so will make it vulnerable to damage.
    • No Icon.png Grinder Ator summons Absolute Field onto a random party member. Ator remain within this field otherwise he will deal lethal damage to all party members. He will also use Area of Extinction, which must be dodged used Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound.
    • No Icon.png Lava Monster Worm will shoot out attacks that move from left to right or right to left every time it roars.
    • No Icon.png Mertadorok immediately summons a No Icon.png Magic Eye Cell. Unlike in Cutting Off the Energy, Mertadorok is always vulnerable to damage.
    • Mismatched pentacles will not do anything.
    • Every time a mini-boss is killed, Mateka is briefly vulnerable to damage.
    • Pentacles can be overwritten, in the event that they are mismatched.
    • Mini-bosses can only be summoned once each.
    • All four mini-bosses must be killed in order to enter Phase 2.

Phase 2

Mateka's barrier dissipates permanently and then drops his staff at the center of the arena, which will periodically change elements and Mateka's attack pattern.

  • Fire: The staff will emit a red orb inscribed with fire (火).
    • Absolute Field: This will create a red circle around Mateka. Standing outside of this seal will apply a major damage over time effect and inflict Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).
    • Explosive Punch: Mateka charges up a punch attack that will deal massive damage and knock back any party members directly in front of him.
  • Water: The staff will emit a blue orb inscribed with water (水).
    • Ice Blaster: Mateka shoots out a small trail of ice, which will inflict Frozen (Status).png Frozen (Status).
    • Ice Aura: A Frozen aura pulsates from Mateka, which will inflict Frozen (Status).png Frozen (Status).
    • Ice Spear: Multiple ice spears appear behind Mateka. These will travel across the room and damage anybody who is not afflicted with Frozen (Status).png Frozen (Status).
  • Light: The staff will emit a yellow orb inscribed with light (朝).
    • Lightning Path: A yellow pentacle follows around random players. This will eventually drop a large lightbolt that travels towards Mateka and leaves behind a static field in its path.
  • Dark: The staff will emit a purple orb inscribed with dark (暗).
    • Imprison: Periodically, an orb will trap a player and prevent them from performing any actions, and then kill them after 5 seconds. This orb can be destroyed by other party members.
    • Explosion: Random players will be marked by a purple pentacle. This player will drop small explosions where they are standing, dealing massive damage.


  • Try to avoid using multi-hit when attempting to counterattack Mateka in Phase 1 to prevent unnecessary damage.
  • Be familiar with the timing and pattern of the orb's transitions in Phase 1 in order to minimize mistakes.
  • When No Icon.png Fearsome Spiritual Residue spawns, have all players stack up and then constantly pass through each other to quickly resolve the purple flame mechanic.
  • Have burst skills ready for Mateka's brief periods of vulnerability in Phase 1. Every bit of damage counts, and stronger parties may be even able kill him before Phase 2.