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Ophelia Bagrans

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OpheliaIcon.png Ophelia Bagrans
Age 21
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation GBL Follower, GBL Leader (Mirror Arad)
Location West Coast Harbor, Behemoth (Mirror Arad)

Ophelia Bagrans is a follower and the sole survivor of the GBL after Lotus's attack on Behemoth.

Her counterpart in Mirror Arad is the leader of the GBL, located on the Behemoth. Once but a follower of GBL, she rose to the head of the GBL and prevented it from falling to Lotus's influence when the Great Metastasis occurred.


  • Epic Quest Giver.


Request Chat (West Coast Harbor)

  • Grand Blue Lore. Welcome to the world of knowledge.
Join GBL. We can help you refine yourself with knowledge and get one step closer to becoming a perfect human being.
  • GBl exists to remember the great scholar, Leslie Bargans, and carry on his legacy.
Leslie rode Behemoth and traveled around the world in search of knowledge.
After his passing, many scholars gathered and created GBL to study the knowledge that he's left behind.
  • GBL is not just a religious order. It's a group of intellectuals who seek knowledge and perfection as man.
If you thirst for knowledge, GBL welcomes you.

Request Chat (Behemoth, Mirror Arad)

  • Hello. We at GBL welcome anyone who's interested in scholastic research.
Our goal is to attain the perfect humanism through endless research.
Quench your thirst for knowledge in GBL.
  • GBL is founded in memory of the great researcher Leslie Bagrans.
Leslie rode Behemoth around the world in search of knowledge.
GBL is a group of scholars following her footsteps.
  • When Lotus appeared on Behemoth, we weren't surprised. It was prophesied in our bible.
I just followed the prophesy and led the members as I was supposed to.


  • Ugh. The followers of Grand Blue Lore must be still in pain.
  • Leslie Bagrans has said...
  • Lotus...
  • Help me.

Conversation start

  • Will you embark on a journey of knowledge-seeking today?
  • Welcome, is there anything I can teach you?
  • I'm Ophelia Bagrans.
  • Have you come to be enlightened?
  • To defeat Lotus, I will need your help.
  • Lotus... Oh, hi there. What can I do for you?

Conversation end

  • I hope you've become enlightened, in one way or another.
  • Please pray for peace in the souls of our followers.
  • May the truth of Grand Blue Lore be with you
  • Please, destroy Lotus.
  • The truth will shine down upon you.
  • By now, you should know the meaning of true knowledge.


Ophelia in Mirror Arad Ophelia's appearance during Season 3 Ophelia's portrait and sprite art during season 3
Ophelia in Origin Ophelia pre-Metastasis Ophelia pre-Metastasis; Christmas Lunar Festival Summer Christmas


  • Ophelia's name was originally spelt "Ophilia Vagrance" by developers, but in the NA version, her name was changed to its present form.