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Quong'qng is a special boss that has a chance of replacing the normal boss for the Iron Scale and Runaway West-Bound dungeons. Whenever she appears, the usual boss music is replaced with her theme song, which is completely composed of her name being chanted.

Move List

  • Leaps into the air and smacks players with her tail.
  • Falls forward a decent distance to do damage.
  • Falls forward a decent distance but doesn't do damage. Instead four bombs will fall from the sky in cardinal directions around her. Standing on or away from her will keep you safe from the explosions.
  • Falls forward a decent distance but doesn't do damage. Instead a Health fairy will heal her for 1-2 bars of health.
  • Charges forward swinging her weapons.
  • Charges forward swinging her weapons and at the same time summoning waves to do additional damage.
  • Moves back and forth taunting. During this animation she has extremely high evasion.
  • Summons jellyfish that will track players. If they are hit, the player will most likely be afflicted with the hold status.


Juggle her as much as possible since she can't do most of her moves while in the air. Sometimes when you attack her, she will cancel the damage and do one of her fall attacks.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.