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Riot Captain Shred

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Icon-Riot Captain Shred.png
Riot Captain Shred

Captain Shred is the boss of East Ghent Gate, and is the leader of the Kartels' special forces. Unlike his underlings, he has a multitude of weapons hidden in his bike.

Move List

  • Cannot be grabbed, launched or knocked down.
  • Projectile super-armor active at all times, and is in full super-armor when attacking (for the most part)
  • Rams players with the back of his bike.
  • Lifts his bike and attempts to grind players using the front wheels of his bike. This attack hits multiple times and can cut a huge portion of a character's life if they take the full attack.
  • Rushes forward with his bike, then performs a high jump before smashing into the ground to cause a quake attack that knocks players down and inflicts stun. Has very good range, and he will use this in response to some cube skills.
  • Stops for a brief moment to prepare for his next attack; (3 possible attacks)
    • Fires a multi-hitting laser beam infront of him from his bike. Inflicts heavy light damage and has unlimited X-axis range.
    • Fires three missiles directly towards a random character
    • Summons three landrunners that will attempt to suicide-bomb a random character near them.


  • This is one of the more difficult boss battles in the game, due to super-armor spam, fast speed, and his immunity to grabs and launching attacks.
  • The quake attack from his high jump covers a fairly wide radius around him and can only be avoided by jumping. Once he starts to jump, you should too - Being hit by this quake will stun you and leave you vulnerable to his next attack.
  • Landrunners can be destroyed, but don't get too close as they may explode in your face.
  • The missiles will travel directly to where you were when the missiles were launched. It's also possible to jump over them.
  • All of his attacks have very long X-axis range. Don't stay in his X-axis range for too long - approach him diagonally or from the Y-axis when attempting to attack him.
  • Also, attacking him with projectiles will provoke him to charge straight at you and attempt to grind you with the front wheels of his bike. If you MUST use projectiles, make sure you can dodge his counter-attacks after you finish attacking.
  • He is not immune to hitstun, and if you can catch him when he's not in super-armor, it's possible for a party of four fast attackers to stunlock him.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.