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Roger Levin

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RogerIcon.png Roger Levin
Age 42
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Trader; Item Producer
Alias N/A
Location West Coast
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Roger Levin is a trader, and an Item Producer, located in West Coast alongside Daphne Marbros. He leads his business Gold Rush, traveling around the world and trading various goods using his spectacular wealth.



Item Level Binding Cost
Linus' Furnace Pass.png Linus' Furnace Pass 1 10 Goldicon.png Gold
Linus's Blacksmith Pass.png Linus's Blacksmith Pass 1 500 Goldicon.png Gold
Cinda's Heater Pass.png Cinda's Heater Pass 1 5000 Goldicon.png Gold
Cinda's Forge Shop Pass.png Cinda's Forge Shop Pass 1 50000 Goldicon.png Gold
Kargon's Furnace Pass.png Kargon's Furnace Pass 1 100000 Goldicon.png Gold



Icon Name Binding Materials
Inferior Cloth.png Inferior Cloth (1)
Ordinary Cloth.png Ordinary Cloth (1)
Exceptional Cloth.png Exceptional Cloth (1)
Superior Cloth.png Superior Cloth (1)


Icon Name Binding Materials
Inferior Leather.png Inferior Leather (1)
Ordinary Leather.png Ordinary Leather (1)
Exceptional Leather.png Exceptional Leather (1)
Superior Leather.png Superior Leather (1)


Icon Name Binding Materials
Inferior Bone.png Inferior Bone (1)
Ordinary Bone.png Ordinary Bone (1)
Exceptional Bone.png Exceptional Bone (1)
Superior Bone.png Superior Bone (1)


Icon Name Binding Materials
Inferior Iron.png Inferior Iron (1)
Ordinary Iron.png Ordinary Iron (1)
Exceptional Iron.png Exceptional Iron (1)
Superior Iron.png Superior Iron (1)


Icon Name Binding Materials
Inferior Hardener.png Inferior Hardener (1)
Ordinary Hardener.png Ordinary Hardener (1)
Exceptional Hardener.png Exceptional Hardener (1)
Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardener (1)
Inferior Paving Stone.png Inferior Paving Stone (1)
Ordinary Paving Stone.png Ordinary Paving Stone (1)
Exceptional Grade Paving Stone.png Exceptional Grade Paving Stone (1)
Superior Paving Stone.png Superior Paving Stone (1)
Flame Stone.png Flame Stone (1)
Ice Stone (Material).png Ice Stone (1)
Flash Stone.png Flash Stone (1)
Shadow Stone.png Shadow Stone (1)
Stone of Clarity.png Stone of Clarity (1)
Stone of Delirium Debris.png Stone of Delirium Debris (1)
Stone of Delirium.png Stone of Delirium (1)


Icon Name Binding Materials
Black Cube.png Black Cube (1)
White Cube.png White Cube (1)
Red Cube.png Red Cube (1)
Blue Cube.png Blue Cube (1)
Clear Cube.png Clear Cube (1)
Gold Cube.png Gold Cube (1)


Request Chat

  • Welcome to Gold Rush. I'm doing my very best to provide for your needs.
I have all sorts of goods, including an especially exceptional stock of crafting materials, so take a look. I'll give you a special discount.


  • *Horse neigh*

Conversation start

  • Welcome to Gold Rush.
  • Welcome, welcome.
  • Let me know if there's anything you need.
  • You'll only find here honest, legitimate business, guaranteed.

Conversation end

  • Are you here to see Daphne? *Chuckle*
  • Goodbye.
  • Daphne's a good kid.
  • I'll take care of your order right away.
  • Business will soon boom in this town.


  • Roger Levin's name was originally spelt "Roger Levine" by developers, but in the NA version, his name was changed to its present form.


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