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Silver Dragon Tournament

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Silver Dragon Tournament
Silver Dragon Tournament.png
Location Suju Tournament Field
Min. Level 77
Level 77-80
Monster Level Unknown
End Boss Varies
Only the strong will survive!


Tourney Map
Start 1 2 3 Final 3 2 1 Start
A AB Winner AB
Winner CD
Winner ABCD
Winner EFGH
Winner IJKL
Winner MNOP
Winner IJ
Winner KL
E EF Winner EF
Winner GH
Winner MN
Winner OP

Starting zones: 16
Boss zones: 1
Min. Fatigue Points: 2
Max. Fatigue Points: 8

  • Each player starts at a letter, and advances through victory in a simulated tournament.
  • Each round of the tournament uses 2 Fatigue Points

Arena Tournament: Silver Dragon

Only the strong will survive to compete for the ultimate victory! You never know who you might face!
No one can predict the outcome!
Everyone is welcome to participate!
Passionate battles with fierce combatants in the Silver Dragon Tournament!


Nen Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Cyan Esta.png Cyan Esta
  • She is the second of the infamous triplets. She utilizes fast triple kicks.
  • She can use a special knock-back aura which is indicated by a blue magic circle spawning under her and knocking you back with the shock shortly after.
  • She is also like most traditional bosses in the game and can knock you back after she is knocked down, similar to a Skytree Nut effect
Hayan.png Hayan
  • A quiet girl who shows up only for competitions. She gathers Nen to her feet to send out shockwaves.
    • The shockwave blast will spawn where the player currently is.
MsOrona.png Ms.Orona
  • No one knows anything about her. When she gathers energy to create a shield, it must be destroyed as quickly as possible.
  • She will create a shield, much like Nen Guard and spawn hailing orbs that will fall and deal damage to you until the shield is destroyed.
  • She can camouflage and teleport to leap-kick the player three times.
  • She has an attack which charges at the player, much like Meteor Assault without moving back into starting position.
Hemari.png Hemari
  • She freely uses the powers of flame alongside fiery transformations.
  • She occasionally use an attack where she will rocket upwards and slowly drift down towards you along with flaming doppelgangers.
    • She is invulnerable during the descent and will deal damage to you if you are directly under her.
    • Her flame doppelgangers will block you (and Hemari) from moving if they manage to land on you.
  • She can also smash the ground with her foot which spawns a large fire dome where the player is standing, much like the one at the end of Magma Wave Sword.
Sarin.png Sarin
  • Be careful of her powerful Nen, which deals damage with continuous blossom-shaped attacks.
  • Her blossom-shaped Nen will track you down and circle around you to deal damage.

Sword Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Shining Sword Jebi.png Shining Sword Jebi
  • A swordsman of an Exorcist sect who has entered the competition to increase the fame of his sect. He uses sword blasts shaped like swallows.
  • Throws a series of blasts in the order of: Down - Left - Right - Up
  • Can also throw these blasts out haphazardly.
    • You can jump over (but not slide under) these blasts
Hajin.png Hajin
  • A swordsman who uses Nen that is as cold as ice. Be careful of the ice crystals his Nen creates.
    • The ice crystals will track you down and deal damage with a chance to freeze you.
    • They will disappear after a few seconds or until they hit.
    • You are able to jump over and slide under them.

Spear Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Kaizen.png Kaizen
  • A famous spear wielder who has entered the competition to make his sect’s spear techniques more renowned. Make sure to stay away from his powerful thrusts.
  • He will sometimes teleport behind the player.
  • He has very high defense and his attacks will hold him in place for a few seconds while also granting him Super Armor.
    • If his spear stab attack lands, it will create a Ground Quaker effect.
    • His attack also lowers his defense so avoiding it and attacking is the best way to deal damage.
      • An easy way to avoid his attacks is to simply jump over them.
Poison Hwego.png Poison Hwego
  • He is from a sect that is known for their underhanded methods and use of poison. Be careful of his poisonous weapons.
  • If poisoned, at the end of the Poison status duration, you will become stunned.

Staff Wielders

Enemy Name Notes
Jawoonbi.png Jawoonbi
  • Although he is blind, he has learned to locate his opponents through his other senses. He sends out powerful blasts.
    • Gunners can propel themselves high enough over these blasts with a jump shot.
Gyunryun.png Gyunryun
  • He concentrates his Nen for incredible power. The more he is able to concentrate without interference, the closer to invincible he becomes.
  • He has a bar over his head which will increase his strength and speed over time as it fills up.
    • Attacking him will lower this bar so waiting too long to attack him, or kiting him, is not recommended.


Enemy Name Notes
Kin Chaudron.png Kin Chaudron
  • He is from an Exorcist sect. Attacks against him must be timed carefully between the flow of his Nen.
  • He will alternate his flow of Nen and glow either blue or red when the bar above his head hits max.
    • Attacking him while he's glowing red hurts him.
    • Attacking him while he's glowing blue heals him.
  • After his blue glow, he will become neutral (no glow) and smash the ground, triggering multiple stalagmites to spawn where the player is.
    • It's a good idea to use Quick Rebound if his smash hits you to then avoid the stalagmites.
    • You can also avoid the smash by jumping.
Jargal the 3rd.png Jargal the 3rd
  • He is the heir to a very rich sect. He’s also extremely irresponsible. He is a powerful fighter that freely uses gigantic scimitars in both of his hands.
  • Has an attack which will enlarge a copy of himself and smash the ground in front of him
  • Has an attack which slices through and locks you in place, much like Phantasmal Slayer with the damage coming from the initial slash rather than at the end.
Yen Temur.png Yen Temur
  • He has entered the tournament to look for an apprentice. Be careful of the Nen orbs that surround him.
  • His Nen orbs' orbiting radius will increase if you are far away from him and decrease if close to him.
Bichun.png Bichun
  • He is from a sect that wears white garments and uses white scrolls . Beware of his written charms, which call forth lighting and fire.
  • He will throw a lightning charm which will spawn in the center of the arena and spawn lightning bolts at the player at set intervals.
    • You must destroy the charm to stop the lightning bolts.
  • He will throw a fire charm which will spawn at your location and explode.