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Smash.png Smash

No Video
Active Skill


Command: Spacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 15
Prerequisite Skills: None
Alternate Names: Korean: 스매쉬


Cancels a Basic/Dash attack and delivers a powerful blow. If used after a 1st Basic attack or Dash attack, this skill delivers a distance-increasing downward slash; if used after a 2nd Basic attack, a lateral slash; if used after a 3rd Basic attack, this skill moves you backward while casting a powerful lateral slash. (Use with the Forward key to stay on your spot during the lateral slash.) The skills that can be canceled into Basic attacks can be cancelled into Smash, and are affected by Basic Training.png Basic Training.
Using during Backstep.png Backstep incurs cooldown.

[Special Function]
- Press the Forward key after the 3rd attack to stay where you are.
- Cools down if used during Backstep.


  • SP per level: 50
  • Master Level: 1
  • Max Level: 1
  • Casting Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: None
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • MP Consumption: 35
  • Mid-Backstep Cooldown: 0.4 sec.


  • Smash.png Smash will differ depending on which attack it cancels.
    • For example, canceling into Smash.png Smash from a dash attack turns into an overhead swing, while canceling into Smash.png Smash from the third basic attack performs a wide backwards swing.
  • You can also activate Smash.png Smash after Backstep.png Backstep

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Passive:None! Please add appropriate skills to Category:Demonic Lancer Skills and Category:Passive Skills

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