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Status Effects

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Status Effects affect both players and monsters alike. They are applied by skills, gear, monster attacks, or environmental effects. All effects have a finite duration and expire when their time is up. Negative effects can also be removed by skills or consumables. Positive effects can only be removed by skills. Certain status effects are able to stack with themselves for additional damage. Stacking does not increase the duration of the effect.

Abnormal Status Tolerance

Abnormal Status Tolerance refers to the the amount of resistance to negative status effects. Found on equipment but some skills also boost tolerance to negative status effects.

  • Bleed Tolerance
  • Frozen Tolerance
  • Poison Tolerance
  • Blind Tolerance
  • Curse Tolerance
  • Confusion Tolerance
  • Slow Down Tolerance
  • Stun Tolerance
  • Sleep Tolerance
  • Stone Curse Tolerance
  • Burn Tolerance
  • All Abnormal Status Tolerance

Positive Effects

Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor

The player is covered by a red and yellow outline. You cannot be knocked back, knocked down, or launched into the air. Grabs like Smasher.png Smasher and Suplex.png Suplex ignore Super Armor and preform their animations if the target isn't immune. There are some skills or casting motions that automatically trigger full or momentary duration of Super Armor. For example:

  • Avengers using the Demonize.png Demonize skill are in continuous Super Armor while transformed.

Several types of Super Armor exist and to not have to have the border effect. There are three main types of Super Armor:

  • Full Super Armor: Lasts until the duration has expired should there be one.
  • Breakable Super Armor: This Super Armor will be disabled once the gauge above its benefactor has been depleted after taking damage. Tends to be indefinite in duration until depleted.
  • Half Super Armor: Super Armor effect will only be applied against ranged attacks. Attacks elsewise will not proc the effect of Super Armor. Can be seen on numerous monsters.

Haste (Status).png Haste

Increases the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of the player.

Blessing (Status).png Blessing

Increases Strength and Intelligence

Invincibility (Status).png Invincibility

The player becomes intangible and transparent. You cannot be hit and will not take damage from attacks, but still suffer from other status ailments that were in effect before.

Some skills like Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound also give the user Invincibility for a little while.

Negative Effects

These status effects are able to debuff and damage the target, player and monster alike. Damage dealing status effects will have their damage amounts reduced by their respective abnormal tolerances.

Electrocution (Status).png Shock

A spark of electricity is shown. The target will take continuous damage in addition to a separate amount of damage inflicted by outgoing attacks.

Bleeding (Status).png Bleeding

The target is covered in a crimson hue. Fixed damage is received for a certain period. Moving will increase the fixed damage by 50%, however monsters do not receive this increased damage.

Burn (Status).png Burn

The target receives fixed damage for a certain period. Burning targets apply 10% of their Atk. to monsters in 150 px around them.

Poison (Status).png Poison

The target receives fixed damage for a certain period.

Blind (Status).png Blind

Limits the visual range of the player for a certain period. Hit rate is reduced while blinded.

Stun (Status).png Stun

The target is unable to do anything for a certain period. Should the player get stunned while midair or downed, the effect is shown after the player stands up. The effect is removed early if the stunned target is thrown.

Stone Curse (Status).png Petrification

The target is encased in stone and incapacitated. They cannot be downed, launched, nor thrown in this status. Petrification decreases incoming damage by 10% for player characters for its duration. 1% of it's incoming damage reduction rate is removed each second.

Frozen (Status).png Freeze

The target is frozen solid and incapacitated. They cannot be downed, launched, nor thrown in this status. Applying Burn to a Frozen target will deal 105% of it's Atk. and cancels out the status.

Sleep (Status).png Sleep

The target sleeps on the ground and is unable to do anything. It counts as a downed status. Player characters under Sleep will recover 1% of HP every second for it's duration. Receiving damage will immediately nullify this effect at 150% extra damage. Unlike stun, petrify, and freeze, keystrokes will not end this status early.

Confusion (Status).png Confusion

"!?" sign appears over the target's head. Up, down, left, and right directional keys are reversed. Player character's attacks can hurt their allies and monster's movement is paused if afflicted with Confusion.

Bind (Status).png Bind

The target is bound in place. They are able to attack, but unable to move or jump.

Slow Down (Status).png Slow Down

Decreases the target's movement and attack speed. Speed decrease varies with the level of the slow effect.

Curse (Status).png Curse

Randomly apply a non-damage dealing status effect.

Mind Control

The player loses control of their character. A consumable can be used to cure it.

Armor Destroy (Status).png Armor Destroy

The player's defense stat becomes 0. Only occurs with certain equipment in certain situations.

Weapon Destruction (Status).png Weapon Destruction

The player's attack stat becomes 0. Only occurs with certain equipment in certain situations.