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Template:Class enumeration

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This template lists all playable classes for use by other templates.


{{Class enumeration
| gender = 
| weapon only = 


All parameters are required unless stated otherwise.

Set to include to list classes with and without gender suffix, exclude to exclude gender suffix, or only to list classes with gender suffix only. Defaults to exclude.
weapon only 
Set to anything to only list classes that have weapon categories associated to them.


{{Class enumeration}}

Slayer,Fighter,Gunner,Mage,Priest,Thief,Knight,Dark Knight,Creator,Demonic Lancer,Agent,Archer

{{Class enumeration
| gender = only

Slayer(M),Slayer(F),Fighter(M),Fighter(F),Gunner(M),Gunner(F),Mage(M),Mage(F),Priest(M),Priest(F),Thief(F),Knight(F),Dark Knight(M),Creator(F),Demonic Lancer(M),Agent(M),Archer(F)

{{Class enumeration
| weapon only = yes

Slayer,Fighter,Gunner,Mage,Priest,Thief,Demonic Lancer,Agent,Archer