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Template:Default item properties

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This template defines values that are used for all items, used by item infobox templates.


{{Default item properties
| rarity = 
| weight = 
| value = 
| binding = 
| level = 
| class = 
| profession = 
| profession level = 
| expiration type = 
| expiration date = 


All parameters are required unless stated otherwise.

Required. Rarity of the item. common, uncommon, rare, legacy, halidom, unique, boss unique, chronicle, legendary or epic. Defaults to unknown.
Weight of the item in kg. Set to 0 if the item is weightless. Defaults to 0.
Gold value when sold. Defaults to 0.
The type of binding the item has. none for no binding, untradable for untradable, sealed for sealed, unsealed for untradable (sealed), account for account bound, X tcu for a trade count of X and the item becoming untradable afterwards or X tca for a trade count of X and the item becoming account bound afterwards. Defaults to none.
Required level to use. If the item has an upper restriction, separate requirement and restriction with a -.
Required class to use.
Required profession to use.
profession level 
Required level of the profession to use.
expiration type 
Type of expiration. Set to daily if the item expires every day, duration if the item expires after a certain amount of time has passed, or date if the item expires on a specific date.
expiration date 
Date in UTC at which the item expires. If expiration type is daily, the expected format is HH:MM (24-hour clock). If expiration type is duration, the expected format is DD HH MM. If expiration type is date, the expected format is YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.