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Template Documentation view


Use this template for mouse-over boxes


Parameter Usage Important?
Content The contents of the box that comes up Mandatory
Trigger The wikitext that will "trigger" the box Mandatory
Style Extra styles that will be applied to the box No
Anchor How the box is anchored to the mouse pointer (The pointer will be at 5) (Default: 9)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Note: Currently, if the box overlaps the pointer, the box will not show up. (Will be fixed in the release version)

ModX and ModY Modifiers to the positioning of the box
Anchor X Y
1 -10 -10
2 0 -10
3 10 -10
4 -10 0
5 0 0
6 10 0
7 -10 10
8 0 10
9 10 10
FadeLength The amount of time the box will fade in and out in milliseconds (Default: 100) No