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Template:Shop list row

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This template creates a row for an item to manually create a list. Used in conjunction with Template:Shop list header. Uses Template:Shop list result format for formatting.

The template creates a subobject with the following properties:

  • Has seller
  • Sells item
  • Has purchase cost
  • Has purchase limit
  • Has club level purchase requirement
  • Has availability status


{{Shop list row
| item = 
| cost = 
| limit = 
| clublevelreq =
| status = 


All parameters are required unless stated otherwise.

Page name of the item.
Cost of the item. Expected format is quantity, followed by a space, followed by the wiki page of the currency. If multiple currencies are required for purchase, separate them with a semicolon.
Optional. The maximum number of times this item can be purchased.
Optional. The Explorer Club level requirement for this item to be purchased.
The availability status of the item in the shop. Set to event if the item is exclusively sold during events, or available if it is currently available in the shop. Defaults to available.