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'''{{{Name}}}:''' {{{Value}}}

use this template when adding skill attributes.



Use this format when handling values (or text that changes depending on the environment)

{{SkillAttribute|Cooldown|Dungeon=15 sec|Arena=20 sec|Tower=15 sec}}

Cooldown: 15 sec (20 sec in Arena, 15 sec in Tower)

Important! Use this even when all values are the same! Eventual formatting differences will make you sad, and this format look out of place.

{{SkillAttribute|Number of Hits|Dungeon=6|Arena=6|Tower=6}}

Number of Hits: 6 (6 in Arena, 6 in Tower)

Fixed / Town Text

Use this format when handling text or values that are only applicable in Town.

{{SkillAttribute|SP per level|25}}

SP per level: 25

{{Town Movement Speed|Value=+5%}}

SP per level: +5%