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Template:Stat enumeration

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This template lists all available stats for use by other templates.

Warning: Changing this template affects Template:Equipment effect retrieval. If you add/reorder stats in this template, also change that template accordingly!


{{Stat enumeration
| base = 


All parameters are optional unless stated otherwise.

Set to include to include base stats, exclude to exclude base stats, or only to list only base stats. Defaults to include.


{{Stat enumeration}}

Weapon Physical Attack,Weapon Magical Attack,Independent Attack,Equipment Physical Defense,Equipment Magical Defense,Strength,Intelligence,Vitality,Spirit,Exorcism,HP Maximum,MP Maximum,HP Recovery,MP Recovery,Attack Speed,Movement Speed,Casting Speed,All Elemental Resistances,Fire Resist,Water Resist,Light Resist,Shadow Resist,All Elemental Damage,Fire Damage,Water Damage,Light Damage,Shadow Damage,Evasion Rate,Inventory Weight Limit,Hit Recovery,Immobility,Jump Strength,Physical Critical Chance,Magical Critical Chance,Hit Rate,Town Movement Speed,Poison Damage,Poison Level,Poison Tolerance,Poison Duration,Burn Damage,Burn Level,Burn Tolerance,Burn Duration,Bleeding Damage,Bleeding Level,Bleeding Tolerance,Bleeding Duration,Electrocution Damage,Electrocution Level,Electrocution Tolerance,Electrocution Duration,Blind Level,Blind Tolerance,Blind Duration,Frozen Level,Frozen Tolerance,Frozen Duration,Slow Down Level,Slow Down Tolerance,Slow Down Duration,Immobility Level,Immobility Tolerance,Immobility Duration,Stone Curse Damage,Stone Curse Level,Stone Curse Tolerance,Stone Curse Duration,Stun Level,Stun Tolerance,Stun Duration,Sleep Level,Sleep Tolerance,Sleep Duration,Confuse Level,Confuse Tolerance,Confuse Duration,Curse Level,Curse Tolerance,Curse Duration,All Abnormal Status Resist

{{Stat enumeration|base=only}}

Weapon Physical Attack,Weapon Magical Attack,Independent Attack,Equipment Physical Defense,Equipment Magical Defense,Strength,Intelligence,Vitality,Spirit,Exorcism