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Template:Weapon enumeration

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This template lists all weapons categorized under the specified base class for use by other templates.


{{Weapon enumeration


All parameters are required unless stated otherwise.

The base class that the weapons are categorized under.


{{Weapon enumeration|slayer}}

Zanbato,Bludgeon,Short Sword,Katana,Lightsabre

{{Weapon enumeration|all}}

Zanbato,Bludgeon,Short Sword,Katana,Lightsabre,Gauntlets,Boxing Gloves,Claw,Knuckle,Tonfa,Hand Cannon,Musket,Revolver,Bowgun,Auto Gun,Spear,Pole,Staff,Rod,Broomstick,Battle Axe,Totem,Cross,Scythe,Rosary,Dagger,Dual Blade,Wand,Chakra Weapon,Long Lance,Halberd,Beam Spear,Javelin,Odachi,Kodachi,Square Sword,Core Blade,Lyra Bow,Longbow