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The Dark Miscreation's Garden

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

The Dark Miscreation's Garden
The Dark Miscreation's Garden.png
Location The Elrox - Dark Dimension
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Dark Miscreation's Shard
The Dark Miscreation's Garden Loading Screen


The closer the Adventurer gets to the source of the ominous energy, the stronger the power of the storm becomes, shaking their surroundings. The Adventurer and their party follow the traces of the Dark Miscreation and encounter a torn piece of it in the Dimension where it's been biding its time to get revenge. Now, they must stop the Dark Miscreation from coming across dimensions and tainting their world with its cruelty.


The Dark Miscreation's Garden
1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
2 Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map NE.png Map EW.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png
3 Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map NE.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:


Dungeon Info[1]

  • No Entry materials are required.
  • At least 5,363 Exorcism is required.
  • 20 Fatigue is consumed upon entering the dungeon.
  • Solo play only. You can register 0 to 3 Elite Member APCs to enter it with them.
  • Certain Consumables are restricted from use in this content.
    • Consumable Puppets can't be used.
    • Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, Mysterious Heavenly HP Potions, Heavenly Potions, and Immortality Formulas can't be used.
  • The Dark Miscreation's Garden is a multi-floor dungeon (e.g. Cursed Ruby) comprised of 20 floors.
  • The dungeon will be able to be entered on specific days of the week at periodic intervals.
    • The dungeon will be open for 10 minutes every 2 hours starting from FRI, 09:00 UTC to MON, 07:00 UTC every week.
  • Reentering the dungeon after retreating while the dungeon is still open will start the dungeon at the next floor of the last successfully cleared floor.
  • Dungeon clear checkpoints will be reset when the dungeon reopens, starting the dungeon from the first floor.
  • Dungeon Floor Clear Rewards can be obtained once a week.
  • Floors that are currently under progress will be able to be cleared even if the dungeon closes midway.
  • In the case above, dungeons will be able to be cleared for an additional 5 minutes. (Failing to clear the floor within this limit will mark the floor as failed and will cause you to automatically exit the dungeon.)

Entry UI

Dark Dimension Entry UI.png

  • Dungeon entry availability will be displayed in the dungeon selection screen (Enter, Standby, Cannot Enter)
  • Time will be kept by seconds (Hours : Minutes : Seconds)
  • The time until the dungeon is closed will be displayed if the dungeon is currently open.
  • The time until the dungeon is opened will be displayed if the dungeon is currently closed.
  • "Cannot Enter" text will be displayed during days of the week the dungeon does not open (Monday through Thursday).

Floor Progression Reward

  • No Icon.png Floor Progression Reward Box
    • Floor Progression Rewards can be obtained weekly by account.
    • Level 100 Epic Pots will be deleted 7 days after acquisition, and are given as account-bound. Consumes 2,000,000 Gold upon use.

Possible Dungeon Drop Rewards

Stop the Dark Miscreation

  • Attain Deterrence Contribution every time you clear The Dark Miscreation's Garden.
  • The Deterrence Rate will increase depending on the attained Deterrence Contribution.
  • The Deterrence Rate will be increased through the collective efforts of all adventurers. The Dark Miscreation will be successfully stopped if the rate reaches 100%.
  • Rewards will be sent by mail on the Tuesday after the Dark Miscreation Deterrence week to the first character to login on accounts that have attained Deterrence Contribution.
  • This content is carried out on a weekly basis, starting at 09:00 UTC on Tuesdays until 09:00 UTC the next Tuesday.

Deterrence Points per Floor

  • Floors 1-2: 1 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 3-4: 2 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 5-6: 3 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 7-8: 4 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 9-10: 5 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 11-12: 6 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 13-14: 7 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 15-16: 8 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 17-18: 9 Deterrence Point(s)
  • Floors 19-20: 10 Deterrence Point(s)