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Fragment of a discussion from User talk:JunEcho
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Hey thanks for making the pages for the Anton and Castle of the Dead pages. I'll get to updating them as soon as I am able.

Anyway, this weekend I'll be making pages about the Scenario Dungeon with a subsection about Arad Adventure Mode. I'll be pretty much getting most of my information from here. Should I add anything else? Should I include information about Share Quests on the page as well?

05:40, 22 April 2016

Yeah, Share quests is kind of like a sub-set of Missions anyway, and Scenario quests end up being Mission quests, so just treat it like how you treated Side and System quests as Epic Quests, and it would be all good. I am quite confident in your edits for quest pages :D

12:34, 22 April 2016