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Trombe Power Plant

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Trombe Power Plant
Trombe Power Plant.png
Location Power Station
Min. Level 82
Level 82-83
Monster Level 83
End Boss Icon-Shuddering Patris.png Shuddering Patris


Shuddering Patris is a creature born from the electricity generated at the Metro Center. He absorbs electricity wherever he goes. He's almost impossible to kill, let alone leave a scratch, by conventional methods. He's a master manipulator of electricity, from which he also draws power.

Dungeon Gimmick

This plant mainly generates electricity and the Power Station staff are held hostage here. You must rescue the hostages and find ways to weaken the enemies.

There are three APCs being held hostage in each end room (B2,E1,E3). Freeing them will cause different things to happen in the boss room.

  1. First APC will flip a switch that instantly kills the Great Granite Bug
  2. Second APC will destroy the Generator massively weakening Patrice
  3. Third APC will flip a switch that instantly kills Paris.



Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Blackened Perpetuity Bracelet.png Blackened Perpetuity Bracelet Bracelet 80 M. Def. +4805
STR +36
VIT +91
Shuddering Space Teleport Stone.png Shuddering Space Teleport Stone Magic Stone 80 STR +54
INT +54
VIT +54
SPR +54
Light Damage +8
Patris Soul.png Patris Soul Necklace 80 M. Def. +8008
INT +36
SPR +91
Light Damage +8
Shuddering Magtonium Ring.png Shuddering Magtonium Ring Ring 80 M. Def. +3208
STR +55
INT +55
Motive Power Armor.png Motive Power Armor Light Armor Top 80 P. Def. +3604
STR +45
INT +31
Lightning-forged Auto Gun.png Lightning-forged Auto Gun Auto Gun 80 P. Atk. +580
M. Atk. +850
I. Atk. +529
INT +61
MP MAX +330
Light Damage +22
Hit Rate -1 %
Lightning-forged Pole.png Lightning-forged Pole Pole 80 P. Atk. +955
M. Atk. +796
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
INT +61
Light Damage +22
Hit Rate +4 %
Lightning-forged Rosary.png Lightning-forged Rosary Rosary 80 P. Atk. +796
M. Atk. +1018
I. Atk. +529
INT +91
HP MAX +330
Casting Speed +5 %
Light Damage +22
Patris Lightning Rod.png Patris Lightning Rod Rod 80 P. Atk. +796
M. Atk. +972
I. Atk. +529
INT +91
Casting Speed +5 %
Light Damage +10
Hit Rate -1 %