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Tyrant's Altar

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Tyrant's Altar
Tyrant's Altar.png
Location Noire Ferra
Min. Level 36
Level 36-38
Monster Level 38
End Boss Icon-Tyrant Tanictar.png Tyrant Tanictar


Dwarven King Tanictar tricked Venus to curse the Dark Elves. In retaliation, the Dark Elves beheaded the king and conquered his city, Noire Ferra. You are heading to the altar where Tanictar is buried to find the secret path to the Gold Tunnel, but the Dwarves are intent on stopping you. All the while, you keep feeling the hair stand up on the back of your neck, as if warning you of impending doom....


There are 4 "Boss" rooms. One of them will have Tanictar and the other three will have his three named knights. You will know if it is the real room if the Boss Music starts playing, and if there are flaming fissures in the floor.

Tanictar's location can be determined by heading to the boss room located at D1. If he is not there, the miniboss that spawns is a hint as to Tanictar's location.

  • Room E2 if Solbar (blue miniboss) spawns
  • Room C4 if Vulkar (red miniboss) spawns
  • Room E4 if Dolgir (green miniboss) spawns


Map AltarofTyrant.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

C4 or D1 or E2 or E4




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