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AzurCloche (or Esther Brown, IRL)
Age 24
Sex Female
Race Human (specifically, European-American)
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Wiki-Gardener
Alias N/A
Location North America
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

My old account is Soul Surgeon but since North America's DFO got thrown under the bus by Nexon but got replaced by Neople's DFO-G, I decided to make a fresh start, partly because the password was impossible to retrieve and partly because I was unable to save my edits as AzurCloche (under an unfair editing policy?).

My DFO Nexus username is Gismara.

My Personal Projects

Anyone may participate in the following:

My characters (in DFO-G's Cain server)

  • Gismara, level 90 Shiranui (my main if I want; I heard, that Kunoichi are rare nowadays, so why not make my Kuno a main?)
    • Western Romanticist Chakra Weapon (O)
    • Level 85 Halidom Progress: Top (O), Bottom (O), Shoulder (X), Belt (O), Shoes (O), Necklace (X), Bracelet (X), Ring (X), Weapon (X); Overall (4/9)
    • Chronicle Gear Goals: Stygian Aurora (1/9-12), Ephemeral Skirmish (3/9-12)
  • Gotthild, level 57 Evangelist
  • ElfriedaKonz, level 57 Hellkite
  • Gutdrachen, level 56 Oracle
  • Tintentanz, level 57 Sin Sayer (The IGN is inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine.)
  • LadyWakaw, level 52 Dualist (that's a female Slayer, mind you, not a Demonic Lancer)
  • Elfgard, level 27 Elven Knight (I'm not interested in the Chaos, but I'm more than glad to try out the Guardian Angel and the Dragonborn)
  • AzurCloche, level 72 General (my first character, made during DFO-G's Alpha Test; has a Petit Marshal, named Weli)
  • Zodiaksfeld, level 65 Wrecking Ball (wears an avatar set of the Christmas theme, now he has to cool off for now)
  • Dankwart, level 12 Male Gunner intended Mechanic
  • Dietrun, level 88 Creator
  • RoterFisch, level 50 Bellatrix (with a Petit Astarte, yclept "Rotlachs")
  • Baltfried, level 32 Monk (with Petit Justice "Baltwin")
  • Braunlentner, level 35 Crusader (his Holy Ghost Mace looks so fun to use)
  • LubinaLicht, level 52 Blazing Flower
  • LubinusLicht, Male Fighter intended Nen Master
  • KuchenFrau, level 31 female Ranger (I ought to rename her "KuchenMesser" or something like that)
  • Sarhild, level 38 female Spitfire (donned in blue and gold like Michigan)
  • Bienenstich, level 25 female Mechanic (wears an Arad Noble avatar set because why not)
  • Holger, level 75 Highlander (made at the Seasonal Server; now I would like to sample the other three)
  • SpikyBoots, level 25 Male Striker
  • AffodilAce, level 37 Rogue
  • VivaColonia, level 30 Swift Master (Named after a German song in the genre of Carnival music; Colonia is for Cologne)
  • CookMolly, level 17 Witch (as in "Molly, the Cook"; used to be Yopxea)
  • Monarchin, Female Mage intended Elementalist (used to be VolaSultana)

My personal Ideas

  • In regards to "Dubgeon Fighter Online", how about a German-language dub? A Portuguese-language one? (One personal note: I would like the Shadow Dancer to say something like "I am sneaky" when casting Attitude of an Assassin, not something out of, say, Assassin's Creed.)
  • If I were to have my own class and its subclasses, I could go for this:
    • [Class Name to be Determined; Starseed(er)?]: Uses fighting sticks like those used in Irish Stick Fighting (you might have to look that up to understand what I mean). The Subclasses could be modeled on the following four or five colors: White, Red, Yellow, Black and the optional Brown/Rainbow.
      • [Name of Subclass A; Dwarven Knight?]: A combination of a Rogue, an Inquisitor (a subclass of the Female Priest) and possibly a Blade Master. Modeled on the color white, therefore could be centered around Fire and Light damage. The weapon of choice could be (ball-peen?) hammers and machetes.
      • [Name of Subclass B; Rune-singer?]: A Magic-based subclass that could use the fighting stick weapon like a bow used for the bowed psaltery, and could plant various kinds of trees. The subclass could have a vaguely Seussian theme (even though Theodor Seuss Geisel was a Nicolaitan). Modeled on the color red, therefore could be based partly on healing and partly on the aforementioned trees. The weapon of choice could be a rattan cane.
      • [Name of Subclass C; Cypher?]: A magic-based subclass that could attack enemies by forming dodecahedra (singular: dodecahedron) around them, possibly like a Vagabond. Based on the color yellow, therefore could be based on mental stuff and, of course, metaphysical abilities like those of NPC Michelle. The weapon of choice could be a gavel.
      • [Name of Subclass D; Ink-skater?]: A melee-based combination of a Monk, a Brawler (both sexes) and a Launcher (both sexes) that could use a skill like the Witches' skill Disenchant. Other skills, since they are a combination of the Launcher's sub-weapons and the Berserker's blood-sword, could include a horizontal version of the Male Launcher's Seismic Wave. Based on the color black, therefore could involve freezing or blinding opponents, moving around like sailing on water and ink, amphibian reptiles such as alligators, and the black cube (a symbol used for mind control). The weapon of choice could be rattan canes and machetes.
  • If I were to have my own idea for one of the Demonic Lancer's two magic-based subclasses, it ought to be based on ink, especially in the style of Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  • A Seussian-themed avatar set collection along the following lines:
    • Male Priest: The Grinch (suggested by a fellow guild-mate)
    • Female Priest: The Birthday Bird from Happy Birthday to You!
    • Male Mage: Little Morris McGurk from If I Ran the Circus
    • Female Mage: Cindy Lou Who
    • Male Gunner: Fox in Socks
    • Female Gunner: Lolla-Lee-Lou from Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
    • Male Slayer: Bartholomew Cubbins
    • Female Slayer: The Bofa on the Sofa from There's a Wocket in My Pocket
    • Knight: Daisy-Head Mayzie
    • Male Fighter: A Hunch from Hunches in Bunches
    • Female Fighter: A Hoobub from Horton and the Kwuggerbug and More Lost Stories
    • Thief: Gertrude McFuzz from Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
    • Lancer: Eucariah Who from "Halloween is Grinch-Night"