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Guide of Wisdom

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The boundary of spacetime has collapsed, allowing formidable beings to come over from different dimensions. Adventurer, stop these beings and protect our spacetime continuum.
Guide of Wisdom
Guide of Wisdom.png
Location The Elrox
Min. Level 96
Level 96 - 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Harmonious Saint Belfast or No Icon.png Parasitic Sponger (Mythic)

Guide of Wisdom is a special dungeon located on the The Elrox introduced in Season 6 Act 01, This dungeon plays similarly to Hell Mode, more notably Celestial Rift back in Harlem. Players can gain access Guide of Wisdom when reaching Level 96 and accept the Episode quest, Epic Quest Icon.png [Guide of Wisdom] Summons of Time from Iris where they can acquire Level 100 Epic & Mythic Equipment.

In December 2021, upgraded versions for Guide of Wisdom, being Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction are released.

Entrance Requirements & Details

  • Clear the Epic Quest Icon.png [Guide of Wisdom] Summons of Time quest first.
  • Reach Level 96.
  • Entry consumes 8 Fatigue & 18 Time's Guide Stone.png Time's Guide Stones per run.
  • Can be played either in Solo or Party mode.
  • Has a Normal and Expert Mode.
    • Choosing Expert will increase the chance of reward drops along with Monsters having their overall stats adjusted to match the choosen difficulty.

Additional Info

  • You need at least 1 Fatigue to enter this dungeon.
  • Up to 5 items can be set as the player's "Epic Wishlist" by clicking on the inactive object at the beginning of the dungeon.
  • Hit the object that appears after all the monsters are defeated to get items.
  • This object's graphic effect varies, depending on its grade. The higher its grade, the better its graphic effect and the items it generates.
    • A purple object will always drop Wisdom Crystal Fragments, often drop Time's Guide Stones, and occasionally drop a Guide of Wisdom Orb, Ancient Wisdom Remains, or Epic Soul. It will very rarely drop Level 100 Epic Equipment.
    • A gold object has the same drops as a purple object, but will always drop Level 100 Epic Equipment.
    • A rainbow object has the same drops as a purple object, but will always drop either a piece of Level 100 Epic Equipment on a player's Epic Wishlist, or any piece of Level 100 Mythic Equipment (only if Parasitic Sponger appears).
  • The object always starts purple. After defeating the Summoned Dimensional Creatures that spawn from it, it has a chance to turn gold. After defeating Apocalyptic Herald Crescent or Wisdom Follower Mars, it has a chance to turn rainbow.
  • In Party mode, it displays the graphic effect that matches the highest object grade among your party members. Its drop rate, however, is not affected by the grade.




  • The design for Guide of Wisdom is inspired by the Salar de Uyuni, a well known Salt Desert located in Bolivia.